IOM box to do float test

Hello does anyone have the dimensions to build the measuring box for a IOM? Also any details for markings etc? Even pictures would help. How do people get there boats measured before an event if there is no measurer in the area you live in as it would be bad to show up to a regatta and find out there is somthing wrong.

As you have maybe picked up from the rules and the measurement forms, having your boat measured in order to get a certificate doesn’t include floating the boat, weighing it or any of the things you are probably hoping to get. Floating, checking keel depth, darught and all that good stuff happens at events. Often re-measuring sails and rigs is also done at events although it is an important part of the initial measurement.

Unforunately, as you have also found out, your closest measurers are across the mountains on the coast. If you can find your way here you will find everyone very accomodating and ready to help make sure your boat gets measured and fixed up if needed.

Send me a PM and I’ll se what we can do to help you out.



thank you for the offer, I was not planning on racing, just would like check if I am off base with my build compared with a registered IOM. I just plan on sailing with my kids at a local pond, maybe stir up interest from the community. What else can I think about when the water is hard and it’s -20 in my garage. Hope to have two IOM’s by spring, on for sure as it is built and sailed just working on new one.