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What type and number of cells do can you all recommend for sailing an IOM. (RMG winch and rudder servo) The boat came with a 4 cell 720mah AAA battery pack. Currently I am using a 2000mah 5 cell AA pack but will probably use a 5 cell 720mah AAA pack in the future. I know that whatever battery pack I use has to be in compliance with the minimum weight, but I was actually more curios as to how long the different battery packs should last.

Do drum winches consume less power than arm winches under the same conditions?

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I guess it all depends on the servo consumption…check for it!

But I guess that the AAA batts dont have enough “juice”…I’ll use AAA on a 50cm boat…
even on my Seawind I use 5 cells with 2000mah


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Depends whether you want to spend your time sailing or changing batteries.


Don Case
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I use the 5 cell 1650 mah packs sold by APAC - they last pretty much all day and the company is great to work with. On the East Coast, SR Batteries has similar packs and also provide great service.

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In addition, most of the competitive IOM hulls come in below weight even with a big battery pack and require additional weight to come up to the minimum 4 Kg, so battery pack weight is not usually a problem.

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What about 223A type of batteries? They are used on high-end cameras, they pack 6V and 1400 mAmp.

They only weight 37 grams


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