Invitation to join the MPMYG

This is an invitation for skippers of any model yacht Classes in the Monterey Peninsula area join the Monterey Peninsula Model Yachting Guild (MPMYG). We are forming a new club in Monterey,

The MPMYG forum is hosted on Yahoo! Groups:

The Monterey Peninsula Model Yachting Guild is an association of Model Yachting enthusiasts whose interests are building, sailing, and racing model yachts. We extend a welcome to everyone on Monterey Peninsula and surrounding areas. We meet on the second Sunday of each month to sail and race. We also meet informally on occasion at local Coffee shops to discuss our hobby or whatever is on our minds.

The MPMYG is open to all who are interested in model yachting and welcomes skippers of all model yacht types and classes.


good job. i hope you can grow and get new sailors. are there any on site promtions? to help get new sailors involved

long live the cup and cris dickson