FoamCrusher here…located in Elk Grove, CA, about 20 minutes south of Sacramento CA.

I started flying RC airplanes in 2002, teaching myself how to fly with a foam plane and lots of epoxy! My shop still has about 10 planes, mostly foamies and 3 meter balsa gliders I built - some from kits and others from scratch-, as well has a copter, a small quad and a few assorted other “flying things”, like a gyro-copter and an IFO.

In 2009, a fellow flyer started talking about RC sailboats and how much fun they were. Since I had raced Fireball and Laser dinghies for many years as well keeping a 26ft sloop on a local lake, I went and saw a race and was hooked.

Starting with a Seawind, my fleet has progressed to an Infinity-54, Canterbury J, Santa Barbara and several US1M’s, along with a rescue tugboat, fast electric deep-v and a swamp glider. After I retired I started building US1M’s; first balsa planked boats, then fiberglass hulls from borrowed molds and now to Kevlar and carbon fiber hulls from plugs I make myself, either from plans or of my own design. There is an old kit of a Dumas Triple Barrel-back that has been waiting in line on the bench that is currently calling my name, but it will have to wait its turn behind a Frank Russell designed hardchine US1M that I am building using a foam plug and split Ultracal molds.

I routinely race in two local clubs and occasionally in one that is about 2 hrs away. It keeps me busy and always learning.


Welcome and glad you “got in” - and sorry about the problems you found when trying to register. We have some excellent and technical threads here and I would call your attention to most posted by Claudio Dioilati who does brilliant work, provides lots of free plans and has following who are always looking for something new from him.

Dick Lemke