Introduction from Tasmania

Hi all,
Just joined the forum. From Tasmania, Australia. I have had an interest in yachting since I was quite small, and in the last two years have rekindled that interest in the RC sailing environment. Started out with some “cheap Chinese” Shunbo yachts - which are very good for the money outlaid. I currently sail a Dragon Force RG65, a GoSpectre RG65 and a Panko IOM. I also have a Shunbo Phantom, Shunbo Monsoon, and the Force 2 Cat.

I find RC Sailing enjoyable and a great release from other pressures, as well as a great place to meet new people and enjoy the hobby together.

Recently, I have also turned my hand to sailmaking, with an amount of DF65 single panel sails, as well as many multi panelled sails for other RG65’s, Phantoms and Joysway Focus.

I am also currently building a Goth XP RG65.