Internet Racing

see the Internet racing section for the announcement of the 2008 New Zealand Postal classic.

less than 50 page views for internet racing threads,Maybe I am wasting my time and this form of racing has little appeal.

Don’t feel that way Brett. The NOR went by so quickly that I had totally missed it, but would be interested in giving it another try. This time I’ll be sure to read the rules more carefully.

Ya man, don’t worry. I think everyone’s building stuff: Footys, RG-65s, 1/10’ers, various prototypes, extreamly-detailed scale boats, client builds, etc.

From the sounds of it, This year is holding a lot of Footy races.

It’s gonna be a good one for sure!

will defanetly have a go when the the weather makes it more apealing to go outside winter suck in the uk wishing i was back in nz right now

Go here
for last years results and report,this will give you all a good idea of how it all works! Last year(Inagural event) there were a few misunderstandings the format.
This years event will be run in exactly the same way.

No worries, Brett…in spite of the no-wind problem we had last year in April, and the fact that there could still be some ice around, there will be a New England Footy Internet Race event again this year. I think it’s a good idea to keep the format the same. Lessons learned and all. I, for one, will do a better job this year.

Bill H

We’ll certainly put a course out on April weekends down here, give the Footy sailors somewhere to play while the other classes are racing. Our Footy’s here seem to be hooked on fleet racing, so I am not planning a specific NZPC event, but should get some times in, we may use it as a match racing contest with two boats competing against the clock and each other, that’s within the rules format I think.

Glad there is still some interest.
Us sailors that don’t have fleets to sail in really need this kind of event.It is unique to this class and I for one want to keep on with it.I am so envious of you guys who actually get to race properly!! I am pretty much on my own until the kids get better at sailing! or I give a sailing buddy another of my own boats to sail.

Really looking forward to this years event,hopefully we will see some good competitive racing.