Internet Course Postings.

After talking about it for a while I have finally got my act together and am pleased to post some times for people to better, or not.
The course is as we have agreed…50 feet/ 15.2 metres.
Five times around, starting at the bottom mark , tacking up one side, running down the other, clockwise or anticlockwise you choose, hitting the marks is OK (it slows you down so is not desirable) finish downwind level with the starting line.

My first attempt 8min 09sec,
My mate Noel 10m 33sec ( first time sailing a footy )
My second attempt 10m 26sec

So, things that I learned:

  1. Make sure that the windward mark is in the wind and not to close to the shore shadow.
  2. Keep the boat moving…(think boatspeed)
  3. Keep count of laps carefully.
  4. anchor line length is important.

So there it is, your challange, should you choose to accept it, is to beat me.
( I have some photos to post but so far having difficultes uploading.)

Is this a standard windward-leeward course, or is it angled off the wind?

Bill, this is a windward/leeward course.
The windward mark is anchored and the leeward mark is allowed to swing so it is directly downwind.
The leeward mark has a large “coreflute” area to provide windage and also keeps the tension on the course length measured string.
I will post pictures as soon as Chad can get the new bugs squashed.:stuck_out_tongue:

I will sail this weekend coming.
I will sail a standard BobAbout(the very first footy I built)

Hey Brett - will it be warm enuf down your way with this cold snap:linux:

always warm enough to go sailing mate!!
Big High coming,fine weekend in store.

This should be a link to some imageshack photo`s of my timed run.

Ian -

thanks for the photo post. It appears you have you S**t together and have overcome any technical hurdles in your slideshow post. Well done !

Here are todays times;
1st attempt… 7.56
Best run sofar…7min 37sec…:spin:

I think the seven minute barrier is going to be the difficult one to beat.
It will come down to some very skilled sailing to maintain the best VMG throughout the full five laps.
I have had a couple of brilliant laps but stringing 5 of them together is another thing.
Some technique is starting to evolve for me as to, is it better to take two big tacks up the windward leg or four smaller tacks.
Is clockwise or anticlockwise better, does it make any difference?
What a lot of fun for such a small outlay.
Cmon guys, get cracking, don`t let me have all the fun on my own.:sleep1:

Just thought I should tell you that my boat " MuckingAbout" is a standard “BobAbout” design, built of Balsa sheet, to Brett`s plan.
Standard rig, sails from “Ripstop” cloth, carbon mast and booms, built as per the instructions she sailed straight off the bench.
Hell, if I can do it with my skills anyone can.

Just thought I would try the manage attachments function and it seems to work.

Well done CHAD!:ihat:

I had a try today.My brilliant idea of sailing outside our holiday home didn’t work out.
The area is very tidal ,so there is no water there at all at low tide.So I can just walk out and set the course.
Only problem was it was dam well dark by the time there was enough water:(
I will try again next weekend,hoepfully the tides work out better.

Nice time Ian,I propose the first NZ Footy nationals be sailed this way???

What about the “Intergaltic Footy Championship” we can sail it over an unspecified period to allow everyone a chance to sail in their best conditions.
I don`t know what would be best on Alpa Centurie.:disguise:

Well yet another frustrating day…3hrs of waiting for some breeze,I couldn’t have even sailed a lap if I tried.It was as still as can be.
A bit of tide running makes it risky to even sail in these conditions…next stop the southern ocean if the little bugger gets away:)

How very frustrating for you.
I know how keen you must be to set a time.
Please approve my new signature.:darth::icon_smok:sly:

My #1 crewman with the orginal “BobAbout” in hand,hopefully we will get some breeze this coming weekend

At Tom Lipovits suggestion and with some photos from Ian I have made a web page summarizing the racing rules so far:

Help me keep it up to date by contacting me directly with suggestions, new material, etc.


Charles Hall
Footy webmaster

Well I finally managed to post some times.
I changed location and built a course very similar to Ians,The foam “boat” with angled sail holds the downwind position very well.I had a 50mm square foam float every 2metres or so.The course stays remarkablely straight which is very pleasing.
The wind today was very gusty and variable,very challenging conditions to sail in.One minute nothing at all then the next to much to handle.
Anyway I managed to get around the course to complete 3 races.
Obviously nothing like Ians,I put this down to the conditions and the fact I may have had my course set to close to shore.
Ians time of 7.39 will take a bit of beating,I really need to find another location again,with consistent wind…

So Guys - I tried my luck with the internet course over my Memorial week vacation. Conditions at my family’s place were difficult to say the least (and very uncharacteristic). Upon finishing assembly of the course equipment the wind promptly evaporated for three days. Then some rain caused further delays. I got to try it out in patchy conditions with wind shifts that backed around 180 degrees, that is until the float reversed directions and wrapped itself up in the line. I did get to do some time trials in good, steady wind of 6 to 8 mph before family obligations cut short the effort. I managed one race clocked at 7 minutes and 42 seconds, the other 2 tries were not in the ball park though. There were good size waves (larger than you’d expect for the wind speed) at pretty close intervals, which definitely hurt upwind but probably helped in the other direction.
Some thoughts on the course now. First, I think that the concept of providing a means of measuring boat performance amongst our far flung fleet is a bright idea. Kudos to Ian!
I think that there needs to be some tweaking so that the posted times actually have relative meaning. The missing component is a record of average wind speed during the time trial. The reason for this is that (as anyone who has traveled from place to place to sail or race knows) not all sites are created equal. Its very possible that all the best times will be recorded at one location in the world. In addition, if there were a time trial “meet”, where a group of guys were to get together to sail time trials all day, then the times that were logged could be dependent on when each competitor sailed (on the East coast of the US wind is usually lighter in the morning and late afternoon). Also, if there were more than one course set up at the same site then the winds might favor one course over the others.
I think a solution would be some sort of formula that related course time to average wind speed over the course time that would yield a score that would give a more accurate measure of performance for these boats. How this formula might be designed is something we should all work on.

Hi Niel,
I am really glad that you have tried this and liked the idea.
I will give some thought to your comments on recording windspeed.
I don’t know about Ian or you Niel but when I was “racing” I really did feel all the sensations,highs and lows etc that I would feel in a “real” race.I felt a real sense of urgency whilst “racing” and tactical decesions where of utmost importance just like normal.The watch seemed relentless in its ticking!!!

Well done Niel, you will now know the feeling of frustration that you get when you make a silly error with a tack, or the wind drops at just the wrong time, grrr…:grumpy:
I have written elsewhere of my thoughts about the putting together of five good laps of the course. Not easy is it?
When you get a really good one you think you are sht hot and then it all turns to custard and you are just sht. :bag: What a lot of fun for very little outlay.

Niel the idea was not actually mine, I just finally, put my money where my mouth was and built a course and posted a time to kick things off.

I would prefer not to add any complications to the system of recording times.
The measurement of wind speeds during a timed run would require some special equipment that may preclude sailors in some parts of the world from partisipating in the fun, apart from the sheer complication of such a formula.:sleep1:
Surely the simplest thing if you have light winds is to fit a bigger sail area.
Conversly, if it is blowing like stink, fit a smaller rig.
With no restriction on the sail area of a FOOTY, they can be tailored to best suit their local conditions.
In my humble opinion, the simpler the rules the better.
Let`s suck it and see. Once skippers start posting their times things may become clearer.
My thoughts are that the 7 minute barrier is going to be the hard one to beat. Your time of 7.42 is an excellent one and starts to make me quiver in my boots.:weeping: