Interest in RG-65 Regatta in MIdwest for 2011

Hello Fellow Sailors,

I am curious of any interest in a Midwest Regatta for the new and upcoming RG-65 class for 2011? I represent a model boat club here in Louisville, Ky. We have a growing club and have just teamed up with a larger and more established RC Modeler Club to hopefully promote our hobby even further. With there help and local venue, we would like to host a large Regional event for 2011. The event site would be at Freeman Lake Park in Elizabethtown, Ky. This is a large 150+ acre lake with plenty of services, parking, and pavilions. All situated perfectly for a large regatta!

I know there has been some talk about a regatta for these new and exciting boats in the Midwest region. Well here’s your chance to speak up…

Hope to hear form you,
Brian Sims

Brian -
I may be able to pull 2 boats - possibly 4 depending on dates and schedules of other owners. There are a couple of boats in Wisconsin, so we might pull from 2-8 from upper midwest. Only speculation at this time.


Hey Dick,

Well that is a start! Locally we have 4.

As far as times of year…Spring or Fall is the best wind but we have some really nice days in the early summer as well. I am really open at this point. We have been blessed to find this new location and I would love to show it off! There is lodging very close, restaurants as well. It could be a 1 or 2 day regatta. Again, this is preliminary but I feel that it is exactly what the class needs!

Keep in touch,

It’s possible. about 9 hours drive.

That’s good, we have about 8 right now…that are showing interest. I am keeping a tally. Once we get to about 15, we can make a final decision and possibly set date! Maybe call it Midwest RG-65 Championships? Not restricting to Region 4, then if things go well, an AMYA sanctioned regatta down the road!

Thanks for the interest, keep them coming!


Depending on the timing, I am interested in coming up from Dallas.

Hey Eric,

I have already included you in the potential count. :slight_smile: But thanks for the response!



This is a video showing the location that would be used for the event. Enjoy!