hello everyone. we have a member looking to build a schooner. but he does not know where to get information. i have said many time ask and you shall recieve. we have a lot of experts here who have come though many a time. maybe we can do it again the schooner name is the DELAWANA . it raced it the first INTERNATIONAL FISHERMANS CUP races off lunenburg. the DELAWANA lost to the ESPERANTO in the first races. and bluenose won the cup back and never lost it. but he wants to build the first canadain boat. so can anybody help him? he is looking for pictures,blueprint( where to go for them) anything thanks
long live the cup and cris dickson


The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic in Lunemburg, has a website - and the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic here in Halifax - also has one.

The Museum of the Atlantic is probably the best bet. It’s reserch pages has many links. Their archives are not online yet, but they say they will be soon.

Hope this helps,

Kevin L.

Cougar thanks for posting question for me.
And here is a fuurther question:
Were all schooners hulls designed the same? As in is the Bluenose hull the same as another schooner? Cannot seem to find the answer on google. Or threw the links supplied by KevinL. (thanks Kevin) Delawana was built in 1913. And the Bluenose about 1921 Both were part of the Lunenburg fishing fleet Would there be a lot of change in hull style each year or did the shipyards stay with a good known pattern?

As I am striking out on finding information on the Delawana (email sent out to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic ) I am thinking I"ll use the hull lines from the Bluenose and build her based on them.



Well I sent a email off to the “Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic” in Halifax.
And recieved a very nice reply from one of the research assistance there (Ashlee Feener).

Appears from the email that they have someinformation on the Delawana and once it is gathered to gether they will be sending it out to me :slight_smile:

A photo of the Delawana was included in the email so I am attaching it. Not the best photo but hey better then what I had before.
Delawana built in 1913 at the Smith and Rhuland yards. Tonage gross 124 net 111.

Download Attachment: DELAWANA.jpg

THis is a photo of the model kit

Download Attachment: delewana.jpeg
Note the flag is wrong on this picture.

Now the waiting game to see what other info I recieve.
Thanks again to all that posted information


You’re going to have fun trying to get that maintopmast staysail to work on an r/c boat!

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