Infinity 54

I’m reparing a Infinity 54. I have 4 ch futuba radio. I notice some of the Infinity 54 skippers have a (old ?) ACE radio with two sticks on left for sail and backstay control. Has anyone used backstay control with new radio? How did you set it up?

i ran such a rig. you set the backstay on the middle stick and use it to adjust. rather easy but you do need a servo more powerful than a standard servo.

i have an ace radio that is rather new that you can have for $75.00.


If Axle is not interested in the radio I am.

Thank YOU
Don M.

Yes I’m interested. I sent you a email last night Mr.rlocke, if you get a email from rickgriess that’s me. Axle209 is rickgriess ultra ego LOL.