In Need of Some Footy Pics for webpage

I would like to have some pictures to get started on a design for the footy webpage. So if anybody is willing to send some pictures that will be used to be displayed on the web page please email them to me.

As noted in another section, I have volunteered to try and set up and maintain a web-page for Footy class members here. I note that Chad tried to find some info and time to set up the page, but no takers so far (his first and last post was above in March).

I have been perusing the other posts in this Footy section and noted that there are many submitted photos of Footys, in construction of various stages, and in the water. I must assume that posting those files to a public forum implies permission to view those files, and no-one would object greatly if I used some (or all) to begin an active web-site.

If so, please e-mail me soon, as I am going to have some pages ready in fairly short order (I think I’m figuring out this whole thing - hopefully y’all won’t be too disappointed with my efforts).

Again, thanks for an active discussion area that got me started. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to contribute, or if you DON’T want something (file, photo, detail) that you have previously posted used on the class web-site.

Thanks, Bruce -or-

Hi Bruce,
Please feel free to make the plans for “BobAbout” avalible on the website.
They are somewhere on the “big thread”
Thre a are a few pics in there to…grap them.
Also pics of my original boat are on my website
I have a few other pics here to which I will e mail you when I find them all.
Also I would like to make some line drawings for other designs avalible.
But I havn’t had time to get them into a useable format yet.


Hey Bruce, sounds like great progress! You can certainly use anything I posted on this site. When I finally get a couple of these boats rigged and on the water, I’ll send you more. I also have some Hullform plans I’d be happy to share. They can only be read by Hullform, but a free version is available for download at Serious Footy designers would find it useful, anyway. I even got Brett using it!

Oh yeah…You can pick one of my boats and name it Bruce…


How are we looking at getting that webpage up and running?