I'm new to the forum, As you can see

-Hi, I am interested in the “IACC-120”, RG-65 and IOM, but in my area, not many people know a lot of hobby, I would join the forum to learn from you.

-Excuse my little English.

-Thanks and kind regards.

Hi Alberto & welcome to the forum, which country do you come from ?

-Hello “K1W120” Thanks for answering, I’m from Mexico, specifically the Yucatan paninsula.
But tell me how the new members start laying Forum post, and so on.
-I can read interesting articles in the forum, and I’m dying to ask a few questions.
-It appears that you are from Germany.

-Many greetings

Hi Alberto, just as you have posted your intro, you can do exactly same procedure to ask question in any thread that is already running. You have two options to reply the “post quick reply” for few short lines or the “go advanced” button for longer repsonses.

If you wish to start your own thread go to the main page and select which section you wish to start your thread and start a new topic.

Any problems, just ask :slight_smile:

Cheers Alan

-Thanks “Alan”

-See you later in the forum.