I'm new here

My name is Larry Fitch, and I live in West Richland, WA, the dry side of the state. I have been involved with RC airplanes and gliders for many years, but never with boats. I’d like to give RC sailboats a try, as I’m an avid sailor. My thought was that I could RC sail when there is a little wind, fly airplanes when there is no wind, and fly slope gliders when the wind is really blowing. I no nothing about building and sailing RC boats, and hope to find help in this forum.

I’m a retired mechanical engineer, and love to build things—until it gets too tough. Then I normally ask for help. I don’t know of other sailors in this area currently, and hope to find a few others to race and build with. My wife and I frequent the Seattle area to visit our daughter who is a senior in engineering at the University of Washington.

Thanks in Advance for the help and ideas I know I will need to get into this segment of the hobby.

Larry Fitch