Illness Noted

For those who remember our former resident “Schooner” builder/sailor from the U.K. (JayDee) by forum name, I want to advise I received a note over the week-end that John had suffered a heart attack last Friday. He is currently in intensive care, but his wife seems optimistic that he will soon be out. For those wishing to send an email note to John, via his wife - please PM me here and I will respond with her email address.

I do not wish to post her address here for SPAM reasons.


Thanks Dick, please post along to JayDee my thoughts and prayers for himself and his family, and that we all here wish him a speedy recovery.

You can relate to him that one of my customers suffered a cardiac problem at the start of a heat (while racing J boats in New England) and that as he lay on the ground… wondering what… he heard in the background… 10 seconds, then 5,4,3,2, and he was hoping that it was the starting clock and not his time on Earth counting down! The other skippers were forced to step over his legs as they walked down the bank of the pond while he was being ministered to by the EMS techs. He recovered and was back out a couple of weeks later.

true story…:zbeer: