If there is a hacker -...-?!

Hi Guys! -
Please let me try this:

  1. I wrote two topics about multihulls -
    they where erased - nobody knows, who did it and WHY he did it!!! -
    2)I wrote my two protests, asking why they where erased the next day. -
    3)Then Doug Lord appearantly wrote eight(?)answers, comments, whatever - and then the multihulls-section was locked. -
    4)Also the general forum was locked for some time. - There was a lot of confusion. -
    5)Moderators dansherman and cougar - I think - thought there could be a hacker in the system. -
    And there was a lot of moving back and forth regarding Dougie - oh my Lord -…-
    6)Then Ian Sammis wrote something POSITIVE about my design of the ‘Nightmare’-Trimaran - and that topic was locked as well!!! -
  2. If I would write a new topic about rc-multihulls in the Local Pub - would the Pub then be locked as well??? -
    Should I try??? -
    8)Possible Conclusions:
    Does this HACKER - if there IS ANY - maybe dislike or HATE r-multhulls??? -
    Or maybe any positive statements about me and my designs??? -
    Or do I get paranoid now??? -
    Or is this just too funny to be true??? -

In any way, you are paying much too much attention to Doug Lord - if you are saying at the same time, you just want to be left ALONE by him! - Actually, you are causing a lot of promotion for this man - for free! -

Instead of playing your own game - you are forced to play HIS game - under HIS RULES! -
Think about that -
he is WINNING, if you continue like that! -

Best wishes, Ernst Zemann

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 25 years of experience and a special interest in multhulls


withregards to Ians post, he should not have ben able to, becuase all forums except the pub where locked 3 days ago. but for some reason when i log off at night and log back in in the morning forum settings are changed. poll settings are changed, moderation settings are changed, forums that i locked are un-locked. That is why i think a hacker is messing with the forum. if you post topics in the pub the will not be deleted as long as they are claen atlest by a moderator that is.

-Dan Sherman