Identify Edits?

Hi Chad -

Based on a post in a different thread, how much programming is available in the forumn? Is it possible for you to “turn on” a field that would show any edits that have taken place by identifying them with a different color? Or - to show “all” of the dates when edits have been made?

Doug has privately chided me that I am not reading and understanding his posts, yet when I return, an edit (or multiple ones) have been made and it may be completely different than the original post. Since there currently is no way to identify these changes, can you make them visible to a reader? Obviously, disallowing edits is one way, but I myself have used the feature to correct spelling problems or typos - usually within several minutes of the original post. I have no problem with these, since it makes sense that within a few minutes one will spot an obvious error. It’s the edits that take place 5 - 8- 12 - 24- 48 - or 360 hours after the initial post that could use some way to be identified - or block edits after a specific period of time - perhaps 1 hour as a suggestion?

Since the newest post is displayed immediately after posting, it would seem logical to allow corrections at that time. Also, it would keep people from being exposed to negative comments about their understanding of posts that may soon change - or have already changed.

Just a suggestion to improve the site and allow the readers to know what we are reading and what was changed.


I have no problem with edits being highlighted or shown in any other way-or removed from showing up like a new post but being highlited–anything along those lines would be an improvement.
But I strongly object to the idea of a time limit on edits because I’ve used an edit many times to cross reference material from one topic to another, which I think is a valuable way to help new readers find good information that may be buried in a topic whose title bears no resemblance to the information contained in the thread. Like the IACC thread which evolved into a CBTF discussion. I edited the original post in the “Sailing a canting keel boat” discussion to tell readers that might not know that the IACC discussion contained valuable technical information regarding CBTF/canting keels.
Anyone looking for an edit can always find it since it is listed at the bottom of every post that has been edited.

UPDATE: 3/8/04-Justwant to reiterate what I said above!

The forum has software(I guess) that allows editing and deletion but you have to state the reason for either which is then posted after your completed edit/deletion. Good idea I’d say…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

What’s wrong with voluntary compliance?

can somebody tell me what does the IACC thread have anything to do with canting keel? this is why. i keep trying to get people to stay on topic. this board is becoming a canting keel gimmick. and that is what i will now call a canting keel . a gimmick. i dont think alhingi had a canting keel and I know oracle did not have one. , maybe nzl 81 had one and thaty is WHY THEY LOST.
this from an americas cup follower and lover.
ac rules
i am sorry if i pissed anybody off. but it seems to me like the mods. are not doing anything good here. people are still bitching. just like old ladies argueing over shoes.