hey people
it looks like the board has settle down some. no more name calling or arguing. but now i come to you all and let see what you all feel. is there anything we can do to improve the board?
maybe a high tech section? or a funny section?
post your funny picture or stories?
long live the cup and cris dickson[:-angel]

a proper gallery like they have on the Wind Power forum

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands & promtly walked away.

Don’t forget to visit some cool photo’s at

or a tech page with nice graphics that we can post

I had a great idea about 60 seconds ago. Hmmmm. Was it a photo page? Nope, been suggested. Right - an improvemnet. When someone sends you a direct message in these forums to someone else online, could a window pop up and say “You have a message NOW!”?

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you do have great ideas…but we mods cant do anything; only the Admin can change things…and unfortunately, I didnt see Chad for a long time


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

it looks like you are right.and since this has ben a while since someone posted. maybe chad should look at some of these
long live the cup and cris dickson

Well idea to improve the forum

Looking at the forum I would say
1)Scale Sail diffently needs it own section. Get it out of the new class section . No reason why it could not. I think most people here have read all the forums topics. And know roughly where to find something, for a “newbie” it is tough to locate some of the topics.

2)Rigging section. this has never been put into effect. Even after a poll was taken

3)Photo Album. this would be great to have.

  1. Change the way the forum operates with modorators. Two mods per forum max not the current 5. If there is two (2) per forum it is easier for them to discuss problem they see arising. I do not know if the mods get together every online to discuss problems they see but maybe this is needed.

  2. Mandator country field on signing in.Sure helps when discussion a product or location of parts. Don’t know how many times I have gotten email to get a item at X store/supplier. Only to be disappointed that the store is in the UK. Shipping costs can kill you really fast

6)Ed mentioned a tech page . Now if I am thinking the same way I would like to see a area on how to make different items. As a example mast rings. Yes I know you can buy these but it would really add something to a boat if you could say I built 90% of the parts. Guess it would be more of a how to page, but it would include graphics so a person can see how it is done. (could be pdf format)

Ok that is 6 items from me

Jeff -

Photo album page exists and can be accessed at top of page under the link “RESOURCES”. Only problem I found there, was the limits to number of photos per album,… but it doesn’t seem to limit the number of albums. (???)

I suppose that under the heading of the “PUB” - anyone could start a post called “photos only” and a brief one line description along with the posted photo. (Please - small in size for faster download) or just post a link to your photo.

A lot of readers have problems with having photos displayed in the forum because of having to have the photo saved on the web “somewhere” and simply posting a link to that web page location. An icon exists to make this happen, but it really only needs the bracket code in front and in back of the photo’s URL web location.

I can try one more time to provide instructions on saving and displaying photos.

If anyone is interested, I can start a “photo” topic and the first post will be instructions for a DISPLAYED photo?

Yes please Dick! I think I know how to do it now but there is still some grey areas. I can never seem to post anything over 30 or 40 K yet I see you posting stuff up to 100K. I’m probably getting the two different posting methods confused so please simplify it for us. If you could include some methods of re-sizing photos that would not over stretch the screen it would be nice too.

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