Ideas for Footy hatches

Hi Guys
I’m in the latter stages of building a brace of Footys (not sure of the correct collective noun for Footys) and am looking around for some ideas for waterproof hatches…[other than Duct Tape please] Therefore any ideas/images gratefully received.
Thanks in advance.

p.s. re Collective noun… a splash of Footys?:smiley:

all weather tape? [the foam stuff for under doors]

Do a search for R/C Nitro boats. Hatches have to be water tite. We used hatch tape as well as hatches held down with screws over foam radio box rubber strips.

Hatch Tape is always a problem especially when the Paint isn’t quite right. Always peeling.

You could try a small upstand around the opening and fit an outer hatch over the top. Pin with small brass lugs and small amout of hatch tape. It’ll keep the water out in most wetaher conditions.

The footy might be too small for a Hatch Pot (Plastic Screw-top container) molded into the opening. Need sufficient access to get to the Electronics.

Sticky Back Sail Cloth is used a lot in other classes, it’s proven to be the most efffective and you can make several in advance and adjust to size by reducing the hatch to only what is needed to gain access to the removable electronics. No need to repalce every outing, only where the batteries need to be removed.

Hatch Tape used in Nitro & F/E Boats does leave a residue after a while and it gets a little gummy. Needs to repel any fuel splash. Wouldn’t recommended for a Yacht. Cheaper though.

I’ve been using Glad Press N’ Seal, yeah, plastic wrap. I haven’t had any water in the hull yet. You need to make one for each outing but it’s pretty quick.

It’s obvious that I’ve been thinking (or what I pass off as thinking) in an altogether much too complicated way…
Thanks for the input.

Best Regards