Iceboat Video

Sorry it’s not rc, but it gives an idea of the potential speeds available to
"surface " sailing

Thanks Bill - I “loved” te sound around the 7-8 minute mark in the video !

It’s 9 minutes in length guys!

Seems the boom is rather low on those. You have to duck to change tack? They seemed to keep it in close, perhaps to avoid head injury?

No Tom, the faster you go, the more the wind comes from in front (triangle of forces).

Very fast sailing craft beat everywhere, everywhen!

That’s exactly correct. Since these things can easily move faster than the true wind speed, the apparant wind is always coming from forward, even when heading off the wind. Therefore, one is always sheeted in fairly tightly. The helmut prevents any accidental knocks on the head when coming about.

Of course, when headed downwind, one never go straight down at 180 deg, but instead gybes at roughly 135 or 225 in order to keep boat speed up.

BTW, if anyone wants to see some model action, go to Youtube
( ) and do a search for "rc land yacht ". Several interesting videos come up.

Bill K

This is from last month’s World landyacht regatta in Bleriot, France. There’s alot of great photos & even some video (scroll down). US participants included:
Dennis Bassanno, Nord Embroden, Jim Goss, Chris Becker, Lester & Mary

…it looks like the French server went down. The link worked just fine last night when I posted it. Hopefully it will come back up in the near future. Check back later, the photos are truly spectacular.

In the meantime, there’s alot of good pix at:
and for those of us with strong hearts…


Here’s some more of the hardwater stuff.

Watch for Renegade #441 rounding the mark, that’s yours truly.

Man, that looks like so much fun!:lol:

How thick is the ice? How long is the season?

Well, you Kiwis do the same thing on your big hard sand beaches, it’s just alot warmer…:wink:

The ice is anywhere between 6" & 24" thick, depending on the time of year & severity of the winter. The big “bugaboo” is snow cover, so sometimes we have to wait until we get a midwinter thaw. The smaller lakes around here usually freeze by mid December & the season is pretty much over by mid March.

The nice thing about models is that large public ice skating rinks are plowed & usable even when the big boats are snowed in.


I see. And on “ice skates” rather than a hull in water, it just goes a lot faster than I’m used to.

Here in my nice, temperate little world where snow is on Christmas cards amd moutains except for a couple of days a year, the idea of snow-ploughing and outdoor skating rink is bizarre!

Best of luck to you though - looks fun.

Thanks Angus. The odd thing about climate is that the latitude here is about 44 deg N, about what it is in southern France. Count your blessings for the Gulf Stream…;-). Actually, several weeks of cold rain would probably put me in the asylum before long …:frowning: .

Anyway, we’ve had some quite cold weather dropping down to 6F (-14C),
so here’s a few new pix.
1)First ice, Reddan Pond, Verona Wi USA 12-6-06
2 & 3)Tony Johnson at Tiedemann Pond, Middleton, Wi 12-10-06
4) Full size action at Lake Wingra, Madison on 12-9 featuring the new “Ice Opti” class designed for youthful sailors using an Optimist Pram sail rig.Photo credit Geoff Sobering.
5)overall shot. Tony & I sailed quite a while there as well. PC Geoff Sobering.
ps Tony & I spent part of the weekend building a couple new wingmasts for him & Harry Allen in Miineapolis, Minnesota.

I watched the ice sailors on Lake St. Claire when I was living in New Baltimore MI on the North shore of Anchor Bay, and the thing that impressed me was the NOISE ! They were incredibly loud, as we would hear them a 1/4 of a mile away. All water should be warm enough to sail on, or cold enough to skate on… the inbetween is just wasted.


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