Ice videos

Here on Cape Cod Mass, We have sailed Lake Wequaquet for last 2 weeks and I think this is all we shall see of it as it melts away day by day.
2 weeks ago it was a least a grade 9.5 black ice, now a degrading 9.0
or less.
Need to wait for NH region to melt snow cover for March spring sailing.

No speed records attained as weather has been either too windy or too light. If I can’t sail my full size iceboat in 30+…well, models don’t stand a chance!

Meanwhile here are some cool short videos worth watching.

Radio Controlled Iceboat on Wequaquet

And the real boats and boards…

Jeff Brown in DN on Wequaquet
Video by Jamie Amone

Chad Lyons on Freeskate on Wequaquet

Jeff Brown on Freeskate on Wequaquet going 50.

Very nice videos, Jeff. Your model looks great! What sort of sail servo are you using?

Our lake ice just became sailable again after the recent thaw, but snow is predicted over the weekend. I hope to do some fun racing in my (full sized) Renegade tomorrow before the storm hits.

ps; Check out the recent regatta action on Green Bay at:

Matt Struble, 3 time US Sailing Alter Cup Champion and also F-18 Champion a few times, won the Gold Fleet at DN Class championships this past week.

Just goes to show you how fast those multihull sailors really are. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :cool: