Ian's New Catamaran

Ian asked if I would post a few photos and some design info. I have added a couple more downloadable images as well. Since he isn’t a production builder as his primary job, I am posting here. The can’t be posted to any “Classified” sections - sorry.

<center>This is the design concept:

And this is the “Hard Copy” result:

and here are a few more images in case you are interested in more ideas and details…

Download Attachment: [ SMernst7.jpg](http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/data/Dick Lemke/2004111215205_SMernst7.jpg)

Download Attachment: [ smRC PHOTO 1.jpg](http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/data/Dick Lemke/20041112152031_smRC PHOTO 1.jpg)

Download Attachment: [ smBLUE BOAT 1.jpg](http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/data/Dick Lemke/20041112152056_smBLUE BOAT 1.jpg)

Download Attachment: [ smBLUE BOAT 3.jpg](http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/data/Dick Lemke/20041112152120_smBLUE BOAT 3.jpg)

Interesting, from the pictures it seems to have even less rocker than Matt’s cat.


I have a question about cats. My interest is peaked because of the attainable speeds, but am concerned about stability. I would probably like my first cat to be the Victor kit rather than scratch building, but what is the likelihood that I would be swimming for this thing? I know that the boats you all are building are much more sophisticated, but I would need to start more simply… Thanks.

a guy in our club has one ,it sails ok but he has alot of stick time on it , he has a foam ball on top of the mast so when it does capsize he waits for it to blow in to shore

Airpowered -

go to members page and email (personal message) Kris Harig. He has one and was effort behind the MultiONE Class startup.

Rule of thumb regarding multihull models. The bigger they are, the more realistic their sailing capabilities, and the easier they are to sail. Thus - one meter is about minimal (some tried a 36 incher back in early 90’s) then the 1.2 meter boats (Formula48 or Mini40) and then the 2 Meter boats. See photos elsewhere on this forum. There was also a try at a 3 Meter, but when you get to that size, you might as well save a lot of money and buy an old Hobie 14 and actully ride it yourself. Interesting that you can often pick up an old 14 for $800 or so !

Hmm. I want to try one at some point, but because of space limits would like to stay under 36". I guess I’ll have to try out the Victor kit when I get ready for cat sailing. Thanks for the info guys…