Iacc120 Project by RenatoC

Hi all

I have just created a new web-site showing all my Iacc120 project!


What’s news? That finally I included the English section, so for everybody will be easier navigate and see my projects.

In the next time I’ll add a lot of new information about IACC120.



Cheers, off to have a look!
Appreciate the effort to put an English section in there too,


Thanks Jim

Now I’ have just added some more info about IACC120, but only in the Italian section.
Step by step, I’ll translate everything also in english, but I have few free time to do it, so…
I don’t know when the new site will’be finished.

I have seen your last models on You-Tube… GREAT JOB!!!


Hi All

Great news: I have just posted my new ITA45 project!!! It is finish at 90%, but is enough in order to build it.
In September I’ll finish it (still missing electronic installation design, decorations design and A4 printable version).

It’s important to now that this project is new and respects all IACC120 rules.
My first model ITA45, built on 2003, is different from this.



Congratulations Renato,

but the Data sheet is just confusing when reading with the Rules :

a) The sail area are mixed up.

b) The total draft is measured from the bottom of the hull according to Rules and not from the waterline. Your data sheet calling for 472.5 is misleading also because is not measurable since the waterline cannot be identified on the construction.
The Rules call for 420mm max from the hull bottom.

c) “water hull area” what that’s mean ?


Technical Specifications:

Displacement: 4500 gr
Lenght Over All: 1200 mm
Lenght Bow:76 mm
Lenght Water Line : 977 mm
Lenght Stern : 147 mm
Beam: 190 mm
Waler Line Beam: 180,7 mm
Hull Draft: 52,5 mm
Total Draft: 472,5 mm
Lenght Fin: 390 mm
Lenght Rudder: 20 mm
Bulb weight: 2850 gr
Wetted Hull Area: 16,2 dmq
Water Hull Area: 13,21 dmq
Mast Height : 170 mm
Sail Area: 50,18 dmq
Main Sail Area : 27,15 dmq
Jib Area: 77,33 dmq

Hi ClaudioD

a) As you can see… I posted my new project at time 00:49 AM… so I was very tired and I made some errors in Technical Specifications.
Thanks for inform me about this, now I make corrections.

b) In my projects the total draft start from water line, (TOTAL is TOTAL) and you can undertend it becouse I show also the Hull draft.
Impossible make confusion.
The TOTAL draft il 472.5mm, the Hull draft is 52.5mm, so the fin+bulb draft is 420mm (like IACC120 rulse ask!!!).
All my projects respect the IACC120 rules, and you know it…

c) What is “water hull area”? Maybe I translated it in a bad english… you can also call itl “water plane area”.



I Renato,

fair enough I understand, but when you specify a parameter, this parameter must be checked by the “measurer” without others calculations.
Better to specify 420mm, if so, since the “check” can be made directly from the bottom of the hull with a tool/jig similar to the one used on the Class M , a sort of “go-no go”.

[i]"Why make the life easier if you can complicated it "


Hi All :slight_smile:

Good news: I have just finished my last FREE project: ITA-45 Luna Rossa!


Now there are all information you need to build it :slight_smile:

Next week I’ll start projecting BMW Oracle.

Anyone have “One Australia”‘s plan? AUS-31 or AUS-35.
AUS-35 (a coulé - a fait naufrage) in San Diego at AC 95’


(Coulé - sink?)

See your Mail !

AUS-35 is the boat that sank ! are you sure you have the right boat ? kinda like building a model of the Titanic if you know what I mean !

Yes!! This one!!
It’s a titanic… yes… But a very fast titanic!! :slight_smile:

You’re right AUS 35 was fast ! … 1 minute and 40 seconds to the bottom, pulled down by its 19-ton ballast, it was estimated would have hit the bottom at a speed of at least 12 knots!150 metres below…a record not yet beaten (or attempted) by any AC boat since.


Oh yes… vertically too…
But it’s a worldwide record!

I just have seen the sinking video… that’s incredible!!!
Are you sure to build AUS-35? :slight_smile:
But at the end… the impostant is TO BUILD a new IACC120 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m sure if AUS-35 not sinking, he win LVC againt NZL-32 and after, the America’s cup. Americans was not fabulous this year.

Well, AUS-35, beautiful.

I like this boat, it s sinking and? I love woman onboard, green boat, number 13… :slight_smile:

Well I would not have called the crew of AUS 35 women but … then I’m a Kiwi and anything goes for Aussies :stuck_out_tongue:

One mans nightmare becomes another mans dream ? … well I can help your dream come true & look forward to supporting you with your build of U-35. Will you be posting your build here ?

When your build is completed we can then sail together as I have the other half to the equation (NZL-32) and we can re-construct that famous AC race from 1995, but only on the surface of the water please :rolleyes:

I promise I will luff up when coming to the finish line to let you win and forfill your dream of seeing U-35 beating Blackmagic.

Cheers Alan

Well, Im not sure I have understand the subtility of your 1st sentence… (my english is not very good)

AUS-35 is not a project for 2011. I have 2 boats in progress before.
But I start to search now because it’s not easy. If u can help me in this work, it’s a very great pleasure! And when my AUS-35 will done, we come back in 1995 and we run THE match. The LVC come back at the f… Kangoo’s home! R u ready kiwi?! :slight_smile:

But we re not here for now.


Hi all :slight_smile:

I have just posted on my web-site


the last IACC120 project: USA-98 BMW Oracle :slight_smile:

I still haven’t finisched the project at 100%, but you can find hull project and sail plane project.
It is enought to start building.

Have fun :slight_smile:


Hi All :slight_smile:

I have just finisched USA-98 BMW Oracle.
The project is printable in Plotter version and A4 version.


Have Fun :-)))))))))))))))))))))))