IACC120 CUP, Alinghi training before the final

here you can see some video during the training between SUI-100 and SUI-102 in Rome, skippers Matthias and K1W1, for the Cup final, scheduled April 17, 2011.
Nice weather N, 3-12 knots wind speed. I think for all passionate of match racing, could be interesting.



Hi Atthias

Cool video!!! I have a suggestion… to make it easier for “us” spectators you should paint one of the boats bright yellow, so we can tell them appart.:lol::lol::lol:

Othervise I really enjoy the way your boats perform, with the fat head main sail and all…


:smiley: IN effect it is not easy to distinguish the boats, for this reason I wrote some comments during the regattas to help the spectators…
By the way, SUI-102 has the sail a little bit more gray than SUI-100 ;D

That’s the Idea behind two boat testing… Are you really sure which boat you are lining up against?..

I wanted to re-paint SUI 102 “PINK” but Matt would not let me :lol: couple of times changed transmitters (boats) and we both got caught trying to sail the other boat.

Great boats Matt :shades:… btw you can tell Paul Cayard that you have new training skipper, so you don’t need his services any more. We can talk salary later :icon_tong

Cheers Alan

I really appreciated the subtitles. It helped me understand what was going on(why one boat was tacking away for instance). I can see this method as kind of an on-line sail training devise. With a little manipulation of the pause,rewind,play and the comments you can start to see what is actually happening. I would like to see more of this.

Yes we changed every 2-3 regattas the boats. You have to know that the wind range was the best one for SUI-102, probably is here the difference…