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hello people
this is just a post that would allow , US people who follow the americas cup. to update us on what we hear? find out?? or can find new sites on the web. in other words. we just stop here. to find out what is going on in the world of americas cup racing?
i for one have heard that alghini has signed peter holmgren to be their new starting helmsman? does this make the swiss team unbeatable? I for one dont think so. dickson is still out there. And I think that if new zealand could get dickson to come and skipper the new team. with dean barker as starting. they would be tough

Personally I think that the cup boats should only be crewed by people from that country. The years between the cup races allows “money talks” to command the cup. I mean that I think it is absolutely stupid that the best helmsman in the world (at the time) can get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to become a citizen of a country, just so that he can qualify to helm that boat.

I think that the rule should be changed so that the crew must be either born in the country that they are representing, or have lived in that country for 15- 20 years.

Take Peter Gilmour for example he has sailed for Australia and Japan, that I can think of (maybe more)and in my opinion that’s not right.

It should be the country that wins the cup and not the syndicate with the biggest budget, able to “buy” the best people from all over world.


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The Other Matt

cool great site.
I know were i will be for a couple of hours. in 83 you had bertand, murray, and who drove challenge 12?
coutts and dickson arrived on the scene in 87. with kz7. when did butterworth appaer on the scene?
long live the cup

Challenge 12 was Johm Savage I think

Good memory Tranth. John was working for a promotions company I think when they asked him to helm Challenge12.

Can anybody remember the name of the crew member on Australia 2 who broke his arm when the mast crane collapsed?


Wasn’t Scott McAllister
The shore boss for SEB last Volvo.

No Coutts in 87 Cougar.

In the last rounds of Luis Vitton Cup in Freemantle a US-yacht suddenly got extra speed, after modifying the winglets to max width. However, the alterations came to late to be able to challange. How was the designer, how skippered?

Yep, JohnB - Scotty McAllister was the broken arm crewman.

The Other Matt

Why doesn’t Buddy Melges skipper for any IACC teams? He seemed to do well for A3, but I never hear his name mentioned in possible helmsmen… just wondering.


Air Capitol Model Sailing Club

I agree with you Peter. The America’s Cup was originally started as a friendly rivalry between countries/yacht clubs. I’d like to see it get back to being a nationalistic event rather than a “who’s got the most money” event. The money will still be spent, but at least we can cheer for a team cleanly instead of being confused about who to back because our favorite “local guy” now skippers the opposition’s team. A little healthy competition between nations (as opposed to unhealthy competition, like war) helps to generat national pride as well as respect for others (especially if they beat you).

Hi nacra521499!

Buddy Melges is the correct answer to my question. Probably the designer of the Freemantle 12-metre was Bruce Nelson? Perhaps Buddy is old? Anyway, his book “Sailing Smart” is a must regarding what we in Sweden call “vindskruv” (wind-screw?), a local phenomenon. It is similar to a progressive shift, but localized. Either you have to tack into it, tack again and get a high course. Or fall into it and then tack and get a high course. Has Buddy written any new book?

I can’t believe it but I agree 100% with Peter as well. The nationalistic aspect of the Cup is going to be sorely missed. The new Corporate Cup is just not the same or better; neither are the new “one design” rules.
The poor guy in San Francisco with the new syndicate -Sweeney I think- talks about his “radical new boat” -wrong! The days of that kind of intrigue are over since everybody has to disclose new advances a year ahead of time. Too bad-many of the great aspects of the America’s Cup have been eliminated in this- hopefully short lived- era of the Corporate Cup…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

i dont know if the radical boat is gone from the scene. with the new course. sure we see boat that are good in one range but not the other, and they can live that way. BUT i think the radical boat will come in way of sail and rig. if you look at nzl 80 they had a realy wierd boat, a finger tip boom? this works on paper. but in race 1 we learnt the that was a mistake. in race 4 i am not sure what happend to the mast. but wow did the mast snap. did the kiwis do something to the rig? the swiss ran in the same conditons. but nothing happen to them. so the radical boat suffort.
and thanks for the infor on 83 i forgot about savage

Were the U.S. J-boats crewed by U.S. sailors? I think they hired the best sailors available.

thats a good question
matt what do you think? i think they were crewed by amercians. but i know the cdn challenge had a yank on board.( this in the early years) but they needed the help for nav. purposes. not for sailing the boat. as far as the j class i think they all had to be from the country of orgin.

cougar - I am not sure, but will check. My guess is hoj is right.

The Other Matt

did you hear about the south african chalenge? they have bought ita 45 and will use it as a trail boat. and design the own boat. should look good. have not seen pictures yet. but add another boat to the mix. i still think cris dickson and ken read would make a great team. better than dickson and holmgren

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