IACC 120's in the US ?????

Today I got a request/question from a potential new owner for this class. He asked whether I knew of anyone that is building to the class here in the US. Seems a lot of interest in Europe, but quiet over here.

If you are building, or considering building, and live here in the US, please respond with a post here - and also let folks know if OK to contact you. (PM or email). For those “thinking” of building - I would also encourage you to post so others can see and weigh the amount of interest in the class here in the US.

Many thanks on behalf of the person posing the question.


Good idea Dick, thanks !

Actually there are two classes in Italy :
the AC120 born some years ago and refreshed last year >>> http://www.iacc120cup.altervista.org/
the AC100 little sister just developped two months ago >>> http://www.ac100.it/


i got an old version of nzl 60… that i sail around. and right now. not too many people building them here… a few in my club want to build nzl 92… i am trying to see if i can help. but they are older. and tend to be in thier own ways… i am not going to stop them. more boats in the water… more people better … only thing i cant find is sail plans… i am the club sail maker… so i got a hunch… i will be tapped on the shoulder soon

Hi Cougar,
sail plans are included with the drawings in the sites above

I am thinking of building a AC100 this winter…Looks very interesting and a good size! Cheers Claudio on all your hard work developing these boats.


Thanks ! Brian
Pleased to now you are willing to build an AC100. Whish you a lot of good sailing.

Hey Claudio,

I am deciding which AC100 to build. I have downloaded both your A and B boat plans. Why did you decide to build the B boat first? Do you prefer the hull lines? I am leaning more towards the A boat. Thanks for your input…


the “A” type is somewhat more difficult to build because of the limited displacement of 2659g against the “B” of 2798g.
In the “A” I suggest to use the winch made by Eurgle 22y or by GWS 125-3T , both in the order of 60g, further, to make use a battery pack of NiMh of 4.8volts - 850mA/h.
Any gramm is good, each piece need care under construction.
Aside that, there are some margins in case of over weight. Reduce the bulb weight a little or accept to sink the boat a couple of mm. Each mm at LWL level is equivalent to about 85g.
In the drawing is marked down an ipotetical mass budget where is shown the teoretical margin available before deciding for other resources as mention above.

Personally I chose the “B” because I have more sympaty for round hulls, but recently some one told me that square hull are performing some time better then the round ones expecially when running.
Good work now

I do believe I’ll be next on the list of IACC120 builders, and I’m in Texas. I was living in San Diego in 1995 when the AC was held there. I used to go down to the harbor and watch the Young America USA 36 boat come in and out. I’ve always loved that boat, and always wanted a RC model of it. I’ve looked at the CR-914 but really wanted to do more than just assemble a kit. I also know that there are several people local to me that sail IOM boats, but I’m just doing this for myself, to have something to relax with.

Based on some of what I’ve read, I know that models of the more modern yachts are faster (I guess?) but I just want a boat with that mermaid on it! :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking at RC sail sites, models, build logs, etc for months and it’s time to get started on something. Unfortunately, it seems like I only have about 1/2 hour of free time every week, so I know it will be a bit slow going. Don’t expect a frequently updated build log like K1W1 has done!

I’ll be using Claudio’s USA 36 design, taken from the Italian IACC120 site. I have decided to use the hull that I build (typical balsa strip) as a male mold for a fiberglass hull.

For the rest of it… well… I have a lot to learn :slight_smile:

Hi Limminkainen, welcome to the exciting world of IACC 120’s and looking forward to hearing more about your USA-36 Young America build progress, would be great to have a few boats in the U.S then we maybe can think about having some European boats come over the ditch and sail togther:D

Attached is photo of Alberto’s USA-36 boat at this years IACC 120 Cup, it made the cut to match race in the finals, so it is not a slow boat & Claudio plans will result in a great handling boat, keep us updated from time to time please :slight_smile:

Cheers Alan

Limminkainen, you only have 1/2 hour per week? You sleep sometime don’t you? You need to give that up! heheheh

Hey K1W1- thanks for the picture of Alberto’s boat. That’s great! I saw a couple build pictures on the Italian site, but that one is nice and big and clear…

Hew: yeah between work and kids and other stuff, I’d say 1/2 hour a week is about right! My alternative is just to stay up later, which I may do while building this boat :slight_smile:

I also do woodworking as a hobby and am in the middle of making new front doors for my house, and some built-in book cases for my son’s room. I have to finish those doors at least before starting the boat!

built this ac120 2 years ago from Renato chiesa’s plans.I modelled it after the Fra areva challenge. Last year i built 3 rg65’s.This winter I will be building another ac 120 and an ac 100 from claudio’s plans. The 120 will be the Areva Fra-93 . I’m from Bangor Maine. Not much interest in this area but i have been trying to make people aware of the hobby. The second image is who i sail with.

Compliments for the boat and for the beautiful lake!


I’m very interested, but have yet to build a boat from scratch (kit experience). I’ve been reading all the posts and help Claudio has given to everyone and think it a real possibility for me. However, this being said, if and when I finally get around to doing it (a place to do it is my largest problem at the moment) I’m guessing a test boat or two to get the education in the hands.

Hi Coug,
if you folow the various discussions on the AC120 subject, you cannot mis at first try.
One model will be good enough and will sail well and you will be surprised !!

I’m kinda thinking about playing, is everyone thinking of the 100’s or 120’s. I would vote for the 120’s, I mean, do we really need another one meter? (ODOM, us1m, victoria, IOM, ect.) I’m building an rg-65 or two right now, got the hull pretty much done, one sealer coat of epoxy and painting, installing radio gear and uilding a rig and she’s done. After that, I may just build that 120, using some “interesting” construction techniques. Probably Alinghi, just love that boat.

Hi ,
simply analize the displacement / sail area and you will get the answer !

I can confirm this statement! I have never build or sailed before, and using the threads here, I was able to put togeter a boat NZL-92, and it hit the water a month or two ago, and sailed well the first time out. Mistakes were made, but it came in on the weight buget, and sails extremely well, from my point of view!


ditto …for me too ! After wasting a lot of time trying to get a TT ETNZ right & then giving up in frustration, I build ETNZ IACC 120 (my first ever scratch build) and it really does take your breath away when you finally get it on the water & the fun making it, as Claudio says you cannot go wrong.

BUT WARNING !!! … once you’ve build one, you can easily become heavily addicted and want to build more :drunk:

Cheers Alan