IACC 100 specs


I’m trying to find some basic information for Claudio’s 100d design.

I need to know recomendations for the following please (I cant seem to find them in the build threads)

What diameter tubes are you using for the booms (I found Claudio’s info on the mast ie 12mm with 2mm wall)
What breaking strain on the rigging
And torque specs for the servos.

I am planning on one of these and would like to get everything together.
If these have been answered elsewhere sorry, and the links would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance


for the breaking strain on rig, on my ac100 redbull i use 45lbs…all the ac100 in italy are using the eurgle 10y and the hitec hs82 or 81…for the booms you can use 8mm carbon tubes…two members of our forum (on www.ac100.eu) are going to build this winter an ac100d and an ac100brutal, to see the difference in water…both designs have the same displacement…see you on www.ac100.eu

Hi Andrew,
I’ m pleased to know that you would like to build the AC100-D.

In addition to what already written, you can consult the attachments .
The mast I used was/is composed of two tubes , the lower part with carbon tube of 10mm OD and 850mm long and upper part with 8mm OD and 690mm long .
The jib boom was/is 6mm OD carbon tube, in addition 5cm overlapping for bonding
The Main Boom was/is a composite of balsa and carbon tissue with the section of 17x6 mm, but you can also use a 8mm OD carbon tube.
In the attachment you have the full file related to the AC100D.
The particular design allow to adapt the displacement and therefore the bulb weight as function of weather conditions (wind),
For better smothness and better water lines fairing , the typical real AC knee is deleted, since this model shall not obbey to the same design rules as the real ones.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: