I want a boat!!!

Hey guys it’s my first post here so sorry if i screw anything up…

I’m not new to rc’s, i’m a member to bunch of other rc forums… I know all anyone would need to know about rc’s, just not sailboats…

what kind is the best for around $100 (not including radio and equipment)

i kinda wanna get one from this page

so thanks!

Unless you can or want to build a Footy or a scratch built boat, you probably need to re-evaluate your budget. The Thunder Tiger is the only boat that has any class support here in the US - if that is where you live ??? (At least the name of your State would be awfully nice) but adding the radio, servos, batteries, etc. and then trying to make it class competitive with carbon mast, professional sails, etc. will easily take you beyond your budget.

In reality at your stated budget, you will wind up with a boat that will function in low to medium winds in a swimming pool. Visit AMYA web pages and look at the classes recognized or close to being a class and consider one of them. Check out the classifieds for a good used (and class recognized) boat. Honestly you can build a boat for about $50 - but building time, materials, tools and skill are required.

Then again, perhaps that is what you want. If you aren’t into racing, buy whatever fits your budget.

The Thunder Tiger Victoria would be a good choice because it comes complete as a boat kit. You can catch a reasonable deal on the whole package if you shop TOWER closely… as they run discounts all the time and you can get around a $20.00 discount off a $200.00 order for which you can get the boat :


for $99.99 and the radio:


for $89.99 then you will want the $2.00 conversion for your left stick to a ratchet which is the screw:


and the ratchet piece:

and now you are up to just under $200, so if you find your nicad batteries or something else you wanted… you can break the $200 barrier and get $20.00 off your order so you get the whole thing at a very reasonable price.

The Victoria kit even comes with it’s own glue, stand, sails, fittings… everything you need to put the boat in the water for under $200.00 is an excellent deal. If you sail it and like it… and want to go forward you can improve your boat with aftermarket parts and race with your local group. I did not see where you are located, or even if you were in the USA, but assuming that you are the AMYA is a good place to start and find your local club. Once you meet up with those guys, you will be much better informed and enjoy the hobby so much more. Good luck with it, it will be a wonderful investment for you in a model that will last longer than most likely, any other you have ever had. I have sailboats that are 30 years old and still going strong.

I second Larry’s comment.

If you keep an eye out on E Bay you may save some money on a Victoria. I bought mine - still boxed and unbuilt, and complete with radio and standard servos, for about $100 including freight. (I didn’t need the radio as I had other models - but at the price I wasn’t complaining). Add a decent sail servo for about $40.

Be careful if buying a pre-built Victoria on E Bay - unless it has obviously been put together by somebody who knows what they are doing.

I built mine for racing - which adds costs to the rig and sails as we replace pretty much all of the kit components. This is not necessary to get the boat on the water - the kit components do just fine to start with and there is lots of support available via the owners in the class and internet resources.

thanks guys…

i live in connecticut in USA…

Why do i need to buy the $90 radio? What wrong with s3003 servos?

thanks for the help!

oh and do i need a special servo pulley?

If you already have a radio, then you may not need to buy one. The frequencies for boats are different from those for planes, at least in the US, I believe.

If you go with the Victoria (and I agree with those ahead of me who recommended it to you), you’ll want more torque from your sail servo than the Futaba S3003 can provide. The Futaba S3802 works well, as do other servos with comparable torque. It isn’t necessary to have a sail winch for the Victoria. If you’ll go to the Victoria Resource Center website, http://www.victoriarc.org/, you’ll find all sorts of building tips, servo arrangements, and the like.

Mike Biggs

CT where? There are several clubs in the area. If is not to far from you (for CT standards) you may want to go to Mansfield Hollow Lake (near Storrs - UConn - lived and went to school there before moving to Utah…) and Check out the Greater Hartford model Yacht club - http://ghmyc.org/ they have directions and contact information?s- they meet on Saturdays late mornings, they have a race this and next Saturday. They are sailing USOM and IOMs, a little outside your price range - at least for a new competitive boat - but you can have all your questions answered and actually see boats sailing.
If its to far from you there are other clubs closest to you. You can check them o the AMYA site in the club listing. But if you can try to contact a club and talk to them on site while you can see the boats, it helps, it helped me.


thanks for the help guys!

And actually, there is a pond right down the street from me (literally 1/2 mile) where some guys come and race every sunday…

I think i’ll find more about them if i want to start racing.

I have like 30 radios but they’re all wheel and trigger… that would kinda confusing.

oh hey guys, what kinda batteries do i need? Are there rechargable ones?