I?ve got myself a new website

I finally got my self a domain, so check out my new website at shermanyachts.com I?m still in the process of transferring over files, so be gentle with your criticisms.


No footys?

not my cup of tea at the moment.

I tryed opening the Vanquish plans and it says corrupt file? Is this the case or do i need a special program? It looks like a nice boat my IOM is a triple crown, now I look for next winters project. What condition is it designed for?


You need a program that will open dxf files. I would recommend you download the demo of rhino cad. http://www.rhino3d.com/

I don?t sail IOM?s, but I designed her to be easy to plank, and what I thought would be a good a rig boat.

can’t find any plans on how to plank “Toby”

Nice one!

Well done. I managed to log in after about 0.5 year. I have got a brand new password working. For while I figured about entering as a new member called
Vital_Booster (or Lord_Booster). But I finally managed to log in using the old trustworthy Booster. In Swedish there is a saying: “Skam den som ger sig.” Meanaing: never stop trying.

Booster…glad to see you back!