"I" Plug

Here are the pics of my “I” USOM plug, nearing completetion. Just a little more sanding, then need to fill some mistakes and possibly coat the whole thing with West System epoxy, but this is the final shape and Im very pleased. Thanks again to Todd for the help.

Andrew Miller

Looks good, what design is it I forgot.

Don Miller

It is one of Todd Brown’s own designs named “I”, he was gracious enough to let me use the plans. I am doin more sanding than expected, not sure what happened, almost looks like i missed a section on the left side (positive I didn’t though), but it seems to be coming along better than expected, symmetry isnt far off, although it is obviously a slight deviation from the design. Will be measuring everything out and making a jog for the deck soon. Not sure when i will be able to vacuum bag the hull as my friend that is helping is out of town for a while. Updates will follow.
Andrew Miller