I need your help for AMYA Issue 174...featuring the Footy Class!!

Our time has come again, Footy fans…the Footy will be featured in AMYA Model Yachting magazine issue 174. You did a great job a few years ago, making the Footy issue one of the best ever, and we now have the opportunity to do even more.

The last time we were featured in Model Yachting, the class was still a bit new…we didn’t have too much racing under our belts and experimentation was the focus. That innovation is still a big part of Footys, but the boats have matured and the racing has been very competitive. For this issue, I’d like to feature boat designs (one of mine and two other plans are committed so far) innovative ideas, and racing, and profiles of key contributors to the class…with lots of great pictures!

I’d really like to prove that Footys are for real, and dispel the myths that Footys can’t sail well and that Footy racing is not competitive.

I’d also like a feature on kids programs using Footys…I know there’s a few going on out there.

Of course, I need your help. Our deadline is August 1, which seems far away…but time flies…we need to get started.

If you have article ideas, outlines, plans, or pictures you can share, please send them to me at billhagerup@hotmail.com. Don’t let concerns about your writing experience or style stop you…we have plenty of good help to take your start and polish it up. Authoring guidelines are here http://www.theamya.org/my/authoring.php. Pictures need to be the highest resolution your camera can do.

Model Yachting is a magazine primarily for USA skippers, but Footys are a very international class, so I’m hoping to get contributions from all over the world. Friends in Italy and the UK are helping, and I’d like to hear from France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland…tell us about your regattas, your boats, and your people.

I’d like to hear about your racing anecdotes, design ideas, why you got into Footys, why you’ve stayed interested…you name it! We want to get new people interested in the class, get more Footys built, and get more regattas organized.

So get it on! This will be fun.

Thanks for your help…Bill