I need a footy boat stand_ suggestions?

Hello all,
I am finishing up my K2 from Graham and am in need of some type of boat stand or box or display case. I would like to find out what works best for what situation…storage…meets…etc. Thanks for your help:)


I sent you a PM describing how I make mine. Here is a link to some discussion & photos of other stands:


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Good News,
It was so simple a cave man did it While at Lowels today I found a Footy stool with a slot in the top that receives the keel and ballast (bulb) quite easily. I am sure that a regular bar stool can be slotted to fit 2 Footies side by side and be higher up for maintainence or safety. I will mount some of the soft draw liner around the hole to cush the wood to wood contact.
Thanks for thinking about it…I am sure I got your vibs :smiley:


How about this?
I am a great believer that the boat is the star not the stand, so I put ths stand together with some 3mm stainless wire into a bit of Mahogany Decking

For travelling, I use two rubber bands, one holds the bulb to the stand base, other stops the model sliding off the stand