I have curiosity

I am new to the forum.
I´m reviewing sections, I realized that apparently not have a section dedicated to the IOM category, and I wondered why.

Greetings all.

Hi Alberto,

Good question & I don’t know why,

I have IOM myself and go to other forums to keep up with class discussion and developments, maybe there ain’t many serious IOM skippers here ? … could be wrong ! but if there is and people here would like to start dedicated IOM section, we could ask Chad (site owner) to consider it !?

What do others think ?

Cheers Alan

Id be up for it… this site seems to have much more activity than some of the other sites.

huge knowledge base here…

I love it…

speakingof IOM. I just made the 1/2 of molds for my keel and rudder. letting it all set up…took pics will post some later in my iom build log…

Hello “Alan and Marc”

As I said, the question was curiousity, perhaps (IOM) is too controversial and contentious, to be in the forum, because of strong competition between the skippers.
Do not know, just think about it.

I have three IOM, I did with planes from scratch.

Controversial YES because it is no doubt the most active RC sailing class around the world and that’s a good thing !

Contentious :confused: not quite sure what you mean here, I don’t come across any disagreement or arguments in IOM forums, lot of great ideas and interesting designs …on the water is different story but then it is highly competitive class.

For one, the Class has it’s own active website. For another, trying to keep up with multiple forums on the same topic is difficult. You have to read all the forums, and then post to all of them - meanwhile someone may be in disagreement with the first forum post, and now you must go to that one to define what you meant. As you can see - just too much writing and not enough time to sail - and sailing is the primary objective… in my opinion.