i am taking alittle break

this is just alittle note to let all know… I am taking a break from this…I am a little pi…sed at some people. and i have friends here. who know… I am a hot head and after a certian american tv repprt made some remarks about my country and its armed forces. plus telling people this would be a great time to invade. we dont know how to protect oursleves…
i have already contacted fox news. and some goverment officials have talk to them…
if this is realy how you see us CANADIANS, maybe we should rethink everything…
so i will take a break … and cool off…
good luck

Fox News is run by a guy by the name of Roger Ailes, for whom the term “slime” would be a compliment. Nobody but the hard core wingnuts in this country watch it, much less believe it.

No one familiar with the history of WWII, the Dieppe Raid, Juno Beach, the Falaise Gap and the RCAF aircrews would ever depreciate Canadian valour. Ever. And you’re still showing it. That so-called “commentator” didn’t slime anyone but themselves.



I watched the video, and was very offended.
There is garbage on TV in every country , that doesnt mean the garbage speaks for me. I am sure there are as many people in the us, that would like to reach down this guys throat and pull his guts out his mouth.

The standard of “reportage” in most news agencys leaves a lot to be desired. Obviously, there are exceptions that do remain objective and abhor embellishment but they are few(er) and further between.

I guess we can only be thankful and say to ourselves “…There but for the grace of God…”.

A good response is to recognise and ignore an idiot.

Angry reaction means he’s achieved his aim of stirring trouble.

Just thoughts…



I can understand why your ticked off , as I was also when I saw the report on Canada AM.

But I think back to the history our Armed services has and the great work our members are doing now and I am very proud.

Don’t let the simple minds of a few @$@%# upset you. Not all people have the same ideas as the ones on that report. There is always a few bad apples in a group and it is unfortunate that this time they had a TV show to show how stupid they are.