Huson 24 complete

Hello everyone

I’m rather new here, but I thought I’d show my latest (first) RC sailboat. I’ve been building models all of my life, and I recently found myself interested in RC sailboating. I’ve been (real) sailing for a few years, and I thought I’d mix my love of the hobby with my love of the sport. So here we are!

I bought this little kit a couple of years ago, built it up, fiberglassed the hull and had one of my old airplane radios re-tuned to a ground frequency.

One thing about construction that I would have done differently is fair (is that the right word?) the edges of the hull planks to minimize my use of putty later. But no matter, the hull, with a layer of 1/2oz fiberglass, turned out absolutely beautiful!

The kit is very basic as far as detailing and does not include any deck hardware save for a few screw eyes so I added a fair amount of mahogony to dress it up. The kingplanks, handrails, toe rails, gunwals and hatch are all mahogony finished with clear lacquer. I built a laminated tiller and connected it via rubber tube to the rudder shaft so they turn together, but I found that the tiller interferes with the main sheet so it comes off when I go sailing. Too bad because it looks really good on the water with the tiller in place.

As far as handling, I found the Huson 24 to sail well in 5-8kt wind, but nothing higher than 8 or less than 2kt. Frankly, I don’t know if any sailboat would sail in less than 2kt breeze! Tacking is a bit sluggish due to the large keel, but in a decent breeze it turns nicely and doesn’t heel too badly.

Speaking of heeling, I’ve had the rail in the water several times and not a drop of water is yet to be seen inside the hull. I like this model! I think I’ll keep it around for a while :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the Huson pictures, I’d love any comments from those of you who have built this kit!