I found this on another forum and was most impressed so I want to post it here on the “unofficial” Footy forum.:winking:

It’s a treat to see that there are unlimited possibilities involved in these boats! Great to just let your imagination just roll

And pretty nice to know that your work has inspired someone to build their own interpretation of a Footy, too, Bob. Way to go.


Has anyone had thoughts of a “Catamaran” style of hull for a FOOTY? :what:

I have, so I will mock one up and see if it is worthwhile pursueing the idea.
It would be ballasted with a normal fin and bulb but they could be much lighter as you would obtain much righting moment from the width of hulls. (6 inchs)

Worth a try aye?:biglaugh:

I started a foam plug “Tri-Footy” at home a while back, but gave up on it when rules indicated “monohulls only” - and I ran afoul of fitting the extra beam into the box.

Materials, drawings, cross-section templates are all currently at landfill.

Post photos - and eliminate the lead! :wink: :wink: :wink:


Please, where can I find Richard Alford Footy’s plan (Footloose) ?


I don’t belive it was ever published sailman.

In response to IanHB’s catamaran concept, I had a similar idea that hasn’t yet evolved from preliminary sketches. Ian, if you were to proceed may I recommend connecting the two hulls with a continuous deck rather than cross beams as I was planning to do.
My design concept was to combine the righting moment advantage of a catamaran with tunnel hull effect. With deep biting bows spaced relatively close together (as would fit in the box) and the narrow entry of cat hulls the tall bow waves they would create would have to cross a fairly short distance from the front of the boat. These cresting waves could add drag and resistance if they were to run up against cross beams. But to make use of this potential in a positive way a tunnel hull formed between the two hulls could increase bouyancy (as the boat moved faster) through hydrostatic pressure.
I was considering this idea as a means of overcoming the Footy’s fatal flaw, running downwind in strong or gusty conditions. It would be way cool to see a catamaran plane! I do seriously doubt that such a craft would work well on the first attempt, although it might demonstrate some promise. I think that it would probably take several generations of experiments to refine the concept into a competitive design. Its probably more effort than I really have time for, but Ian if you want to work on it I say go for it. If you want to brainstorm the concept I can add my two bits.