Hullform Question

Hi Guy’s

Can anybody help? I don’t seem to be able to get Hullform give me flat panels. I’ve just drawn a flat panel IOM and I’d like to be able to cut panels so tape and fillet assembly/construction can be achieved.

I’m not sure how to attach a picture, but if anybody can give me hints I’d be happy show where I’m up to.

Gidday TF,

Firstly you need to use “Go Advanced” mode (see bottom right hand side below text panel)

Once you go in advanced mode, if you scroll below the text box you will see button “Manage Attachments” click on that and box will open up, there click on “Add Files” then click on “Select Files” button and select the pics you want to up-load from your P.C.

After loading the files you can press enter and all pics will appear at the foot of your post or you can select “Insert Inline” to have selected pics appear in-line with the text… hope it is clear !

I’m curious as to what “hullform” is …software program ?

Cheers Alan

Hi Alan,

‘Hullform’ is one of the many software packages for designing hulls. It’s been around for quite a few years and is pretty popular with home / DIY designers. Personally I’ve never used it - I’m trying to get to grips with ‘Delft Ship’ incredibly unsuccessfully at the moment, I need to spend some time with one of my cousins who’s a naval architect with Sunseeker. If he can’t give me any pointers then I’m not sure who can…




I don,t know the Hullform software, but when I was struggling with Delfship, which is also boat designig software, I googled “Delftship tutorial” and they showed me step by step how to desing a simple fishing boat using existing picture. It helped me get the idea. Maybe this could be of some help.

Lukasz Koch


Many thanks for that- I’ll check it out & see how I get on. I’ll probably end up using 2 computers - 1 for Delft & the other for instructions!!



Hi Row, thanks for that … I had the opportunity of learning the manual ways of boat design spending few days with ClaudioD, calculator and 2D drawing software Corel5 (No algorithms to limit design ideas) I was surprised how easy the basics are, the hard part was understanding and doing calculations manually that takes the time, with experience its becoming little quicker, but the options for boat design are only limited by your imagination…

Cheers Alan

Typical CorelDraw 5 - 2D desk:

After so many years of use, I take a couple of hours to draw a new plan ! Extremely easy without any disturbing algorithm


I’ve been using Hullform for 5 years or so but I’ve never seen anything for printing flat panels. That doesn’t mean it’s not there, I discover new features once in a while. Maybe you can go to the Bluepeter website and contact the designer. He’s answered a couple of questions for me even though I’m using the free version.

Hi Don,

I’ve been through the Hullform manual and can’t find anything. So maybe you cant do what I want it too. I’m the same (find new stuff). For those who haven’t used Hullform in my view it leaves Delfship for dead regards ease of use. The professional version is available as a free download and the full manual is also available. The reason is the Bluepeter have decided it’s at the end of its useful life.

Thanks for all of your responses


G’day all,

I asked a question about flat panels off Hullform software recently. I offered to show what I’ve come up with. It appears the only way to send Hullform files is if the person receiving them has Hullform downloaded. Do I’ve gone the el-cheapo way and photographed the screen. These are few shots of my thinking on a flat panel IOM. The object is to have a “V” section in the water at 30 degrees upwind. The top chine is clear of the water when running. If anybody out there wanted to build one I’d be happy supply all information required to get one in the water.


I read somewhere on this site that someone asked if there could be an IOM only section. Maybe this could be the starter.

Sorry I didn’t see this sooner.

I’ve been using both Hullform and Freeship (Delftship) for some time. I’ve never been able to get flat panels developed in Hullform, although there is a facility to do so. My preferred way of working is to rough out an idea in Hullform, where I can see how the waterlines look when heeled, and how the centers move as the boat heels. Then I export from Hullform and import to Freeship, where I refine the shape and develop the plates to print for building.

Not the most efficient approach, I guess, but there’s things I like about each program…so it works for me.