hull thickness

Looking to build my next hull from a male plug but in order to have the hull at the right dimensions I was wondering by how much I need to reduce the size of the frames of the plug to compensate for the thickness of the hull ? or does it really matter - want to have the hull as close to the plans as possible to respect the volume of the hull and stay within the class rules

Thank you

I use 3 lays of 4 oz. and it’s about .015"/.5mm thick, not worth the trouble of re-sizing all the frames in my opinion.

I agree, just lay up over the plug, it’ll be fine…

thank you Don and bigpat - I’ll do that - in fact that suits me to a T as it saves me some work :jump4:

Hallo my friend Gilbert,
I would say that the thickness is related to the method that you are going to use to wet your fabrics.
Have in mind that the heavier part is the resin and not the fabric.
This is why you should consider of a vacuum construction on a male plug.
This way you are going to have the same strength, lighter and stiffer.
This is my plan for the next hull.