Hull thickness vs. weigth/strength

I’m working on an RC boat inspired by the VO70 ABN-AMRO 1. My plan is about 1300mm in length and 350 in beam. I’m anticipating the tools for molding to arrive any day now (yes, I had them milled).

I’m aiming at a total displacement of 6,3kg where the hull and the deck represent between 670-970g in my calculations. My laminating area is just under 1 square meter.

My plan is to lay up the reinforcement into my female mold as follows:
1 layer of 40g glassfibre cloth parallel/perpendicular to CL
1 layer of 200g carbon 45 deg to CL
1 or 2 layers of 200g carbon locally to reinforce bits that are taking the loads.

How does this sound?