Hull finishing

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New guy here !!! Quick question for you all, I have just purchased a Kyosho Seadolphin and was wondering the best way to get rid of the moulded seam that runs round the ABS hull? The instuctions say to use a craft knife but there is the chance that it could look worse after being attacked with a knife!!! can it be sanded with out affecting the rest of the finish on the hull? I dont want to paint it as it is white anyway. Your help and tips are much needed !!!
Cheers Jim.

Initially, I’d use a hobby knife sparingly to get rid of most of the flashing, but after that, I’d move to a really fine sand paper, around 400 or so.


Don’t forget to have fun!!!

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I put masking tape on both sides of the seam to protect the finish, sand with 400 sand paper and polish with rubbing compound.

If It Don’t Float Add More Foam

use a toe nail clipper. sand the seams. use a block of foam behind the sand paper to prevent flat spots. just let it follow the natural contour of the hull

Great tips there guys,
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the seadolphin was the first sailboat i built. i chose it cause it was cheap and i wanted to get into the hobby without spending a bundle. i ended up getting hooked and adding mods. i changed the mast with a carbon fiber kite spar, made my own sails out of mylar, then changed the stock sail servo with a hitec hs 615 mg. though not intended for racing, i get great pleasure sailing her. view some of my pics of her at and at


Very nice Ed, what kind of paint do you recomend as I see you have had a few different colour schemes, remember I am just starting out in this hobby and I was wondering if car paint was OK to use?
Cheers Jim.

i used standox 2k urethane paint on the sea dolphin, over kill i would say cause it was my 1st boat,primed it up and even painted inside a car spraybooth! ended up a bit heavy. i think any of the shelf aerosol paint will do the job, e.g. krylon

Ok so are we saying that any plastic based paint is ok i.e acrylic/urethane types are good to use?
Cheers Jim.