Hull Design Programs

If one were to purchase a hull design program what would be a good choice. I know any software can get extremely expensive so I wouldn’t mind examples of cost effective software as well as efficient industry leading software. Thank you for your time.


Lots of good advice at, software section.

If you haven’t tried them, give Freeship a go for modelling, follow up with art of illusion for rendering … both are opensource … both are free … and both have produced remarkable work …

regards, Trevor

I use Vacanti Prolines, which I find very easy indeed to use - and virtually bug free, which is important. The Basic version gives you everything you want unless you are trying to drave CAE or CAM systems. I can’t remember how much it was, but it didn’t cause my rather puritanical soul much grief on the grounds of extravagance. Vacanti are a very small organisation, but service is excellent (much better than you would expect from their public statements).