Hull Board made and shadows in place

I made a hull board/jig this weekend and cut out the formers to my design that made. Covered it with masking tape to get an idea of the shape and I really like it, minus one point. It seems when I had my friend run it in the software he has, he forgot to change the Kg’s to lbs so as people mentioned earlier I dont know if it will support the amount of ballast I will need, so the Kell maybe be super long. Anyway here are a few pics. The blue tape represents the waterline, at the top of the tape as it sits. therocker is about 1.5 inches with a length of 43 and a beam of 9.5. The bow will also be a bit more rounded but you can only doo so much with tape. Enjoy, feel free to comment.

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It seems fairly wide at the stern, what class is it for ?

If you think it can’t be done, Move over and let those who are doing it show you the way…

No particular class, all they sail in my area is the CR-914, so while Im saving up for one Im dabbling in making my own. Going for a Pyewacket type of boat. Thanks for the input.
Andrew Miller

it looks good andrew. i like the lines. is it an IOM? it look simular to a kite. but that could be because i have kite on the mind. i see kite all of the place lol
keep up the good work and keep us informed

long live the cup and cris dickson

That bow really does resemble a MAxZ86’s. Looks great.

Hopefully I will get to planking it in the next week or two. I think once I get everything trimmed up like the bow and stern it should look really nice, hopefully it will float higher than I am thinking. Wish me luck. I will keep you guys updated.
Andrew Miller

Looking Andrew, I’m building a Billings dragon.
I’m also a Millertime.

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If It Don’t Float Add More Foam