Hull Appendeges

If retractable and or movable hull appendages aren’t allowed on the Footys, why do people use bolts and such to anchor the keel? If the keel is supposed to be permanent, then what good is a boat that isn’t very portable ( like in a suitcase)?


You’re kidding - right?

It’s generally accepted that this refers to …“when sailing” … so if it is a specific class that you feel doesn’t define enough, you need to talk/write the class secretary about a rule change.

Let’s see - There are some rules that read that keels must be fixed and NOT removeable - prevents changing keels (and weights) during an event - or race. Which brings us to a rule that indicates weight can’t be removed from boats either, so battery removal to charge is against the rules? Your ideas posted of using something more dense than lead also flies in the face of most rules which specifically limit the keel weight to lead - or anythin the same as or less dense … not more . To go one more step - as you suggest - rudders (hull appendages) also can’t move and transom hung rudders can’t be removable either. Does make it hard to steer during a race however.

I think if you begin to read class rules, you will find similar examples spread out through the entire group of classes. Factor in some ISAF rules from big boats, such as sailmakers marks no bigger than 5 inches - relative to advertising, and there is even more to look at and wonder. (example: Fairwind Nationals specifically say it is an Advertising Class A event - which means a healthy size of sailmakers logo on a sail if they so desire to advertise… ) What about boats in the AC classes painted to represent the real boats … is a boat paint job of LunaRossa/Prada in violation of class rules on advertising? How about those boats floating around with BMW or Oracle logos?

You were kidding - of course (I hope?) If not, you build a BIG suitcase - or at least a tall one!

I posted it in the Footy Rules Forum, so I assumed you’d know it referred to the Footy class. Maybe the Footy rules aren’t defined enough still.

It sounds like you think I’m referring to ANY class? I see no reason to read up on rules for the boat clases if I’m not interested in or even have a boat.


The rule regarding moveable appendages is intended to prevent the use of canting or sliding keels, etc. It doesn’t prohibit REmovable keels which are sometimes used by builders as a convenience for experimenting with different shapes or for ease of transport.

Even with the keel glued in, since the hull plus keel needs to fit in the 12"X6" box, it should fit nicely in most suitcases. I got mine (fully rigged) in the trunk of my wifes BMW Z3 along with our luggage for a weekend trip to Maine last year. Of course, we didn’t pack much stuff for the trip!

And since Dick mentioned your reference, I’m sure you’ve seen that use of materials denser than lead is prohibited for Footys.


I always keep an open mind for new materials and techniques. I don’t care if it’s ‘legal’ or not. Sometimes it leads to other useful ideas, or just dreaming about something like a pencil-thin keel that weighs 4 Lbs. is fun on a dingy, cold, winter day, no? :wink:

I know the boat, less the rig, will fit in a suitcase, but I think if you remove the keel, it’ll be even more protected from the “people at the airport.”

how come you guys get to mention FOOTY all over the site,and wheni mention my Nautical yacht my knuckels get sore ???:tophat:

You bring up these issues with the rules then state you don’t care if your boat is legal or not. whats with that??
IMHO you post to much and most of it is drivel.
There, I said what heaps of you out there are thinking!!!

well said brett:zbeer: :reyes: :bag: :Gnasher:

Hey! I sail because it’s FUN. People make a big thing about “rules.” So what. Make a boat and go sail with somebody. If people can’t come up with rules that make sense or put up with some small differences, I don’t want to hear about it. I’m going sailing with my Footy that’s 12 1/4 inches long. I’ll call it a Footy even though some sticklers get pissy about “Rules.”

I’ve built EIGHT Footys so far just to get ONE that’s straight or looks the way I want it, even if it’s 5mm too long. I don’t care if it’s 5mm too long. It looks good to me. I would like to see somebody else built a boat with only one hand.

Just be glad there are people willing to make the effort to build a boat to go sailing, and stop complaining about the little differences in somebody’s preference for materials or design.


This is your thread about rules you don’t care about…go figure.

sorry for hijacking…but LOL:jester:

did not know the footy was a "single hand class ?:trouble: (joke)

Tom, your 12 1/4" Footy could be perfectly legal. The rules don’t say the boat has to be 12" long. Rather, the rules say the boat has to fit in the box. If it fits, even on an angle, it’s legal.

Our intent in stting up the rules was to keep it simple, and avoid “pissyness.” That was to encourage first-boat builders and experienced alike.

That said, you can build your boat however you like, and have fun. When you intend to race in (hopefully) a future sanctioned event, though, your boat will have to comply with the rules.


I don’t think I would be using the same boat if things ever got that far, Bill.

Remember… wer’re all supposed to be mates here, eh?

Rusty-- how many hands do you have thave that work? Are there new physical standards rules for sailors now too?

Bravo Brett:king: .

Brett, if you don’t understand what somebody means by a statement, why don’t you ask for an explanation instead of just calling it drivel? I deem my statements as important,

NOT asking a question is depriving everybody here, and people who haven’t joined yet, of answers to their questions.

thread closed :rage: