HS-765HB Servo

According to the specs given by Servocity and Hitec, this servo is supposed to have an arm rotation of 140 degrees. I only get 90 degrees rotation. This is a Hitec servo and I use a Hitec Ranger III FM transmitter and receiver. The transmitter adjustment is set to the maximum allowed. I’ve tried contacting the seller (Servocity) and Hitec, but can’t get a response. I’m curious how to get 140 degrees.


I have got two of those servos and they rotate up to ~160°.
The TX/RX is a multiplex cockpit.

The servo travel is up to 100% with your ranger?


I have the servo travel set to 100% on the transmitter, and I only get 90 degrees of rotation. I’m not sure what you mean by “multiplex cockpit.”

It’s my midprized TX/RX set ‘for ambitious beginners’ :wink:


Same 160° with my
Futaba T7C

So may be your TX/RX combination.

OK…looks like my system may be too basic to take advantage of the servo capabilities.


I think ServoCity are fairly busy at the moment although I have been getting responses usually same day. You could always try phoning them on 620.221.0123. I’ve just ordered a couple of servo shaft adaptors and they couldn’t have been more helpful.
It does sound like a Tx problem. If your settings are at 100% then you’ll only get the standard servo travel (dependent on the Tx pulse output) - it’s when the end point adjustment goes to 125 - 150% that you’ll get the additional travel. Hope that helps,


Edit: Just looked at the manual for your radio - big sorry, but it doesn’t look as though it’s capable of doing what you want. Time for an upgrade… (Or do a Google search for ‘servo stretcher’ which will enable you to get the 140 - 160 degrees of travel although they do tend to loose a bit of resolution (accuracy).

Thanks for the feedback…I figured it was probably 140 degree potential depending on the system. Maybe my question was too simple for the Servocity and Hitec people to be bothered with!