Hoyt Balanced Rig


A few thoughts:

-A balanced rig, don’t we already have one well established balanced rig in this class?
-The leading edge of a McCormick rig with luff sleeve over mast is already low drag.
-This gives you a square top on you main, at the cost of more weight aloft.
-Note the centerline position for the mainsheet…not for narrow boats!
-So is it worth it? No idea, but “dump truck” seemed to have a square top main…
-Hard to get it to be as sensitive to gusts like a McCormick rig.

The more I see, the more impressed I am with Brett’s rig. The combination of simplicity, functionality, and inability for folks to improve upon it without detracting from it…leads me to describe Brett’s rig as the “elegant” solution to rigging a Footy.

A “Doug Lord” concept - probably based on similar idea ?

Now there is a name we haven’t seen in a while… :wink: :scared:


There are two huge differences if you look closely, other than the square top main. It’s a balanced rig, and there’s no mast on the leading edge of the sail.

In addition, you’ll also note that we have video of Gary Hoyt demonstrating a real yacht sailing with a prototype rig, Gary Hoyt is well respected for his innovations which have gone into production designs, and he doesn’t spend his days harassing people in online forums with his supposed breakthroughs that will never see the light of day.

Of course they’re not “identical” ! If you go back and read his posts, I think this was referred to as the “Aero-Rig” if my memory is close to being accurate. I could be wrong - it’s been some time.

And before you go too far, you might want to spend some time to note my many posts "suggesting " the same issue of idea versus performance when he posted here. :rolleyes:[FONT=Verdana]

That said, (and my personal feelings of Doug aside) one still has to give him credit for quite a few “on-the-water” innovations - the “foiling trimaran” being the most outstanding of actual accomplishments in my estimation. I have elsewhere posted my thoughts about that designs’ ability to be competitive in closed course multihull racing, weedy ponds and in wind conditions that varied greatly.

Whether you like or dislike him and his many ideas that never came to life, if he spent his time building/demonstrating a true prototype to prove his ideas, his r/c models would well be a generational step ahead of anything else — “IF” they worked as he claimed. The fact that he “talked” but didn’t “do” was his biggest downfall and seriously damaged his credibility.

Please don’t construe my comments here to infer my support for Doug or his forum irritations. I am however impressed with his engineering and building ability for those boats and ideas that actually “came to life” and sailed. The ideas he tried were unique at the time - many well back in the 1990’s or earlier, and remain rather unique today ----- it’s for that I give him credit.


I was looking up some details on the Aeriskiff rig Dick posted, and came up with tthis photo:

Lets’s see you guys do that! :lol: How’s that for a bit o’ fun?