hows the weather at your place?

here: snowy, -1 Celsius…not sail-able!


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[:-idea] The conditions in WELLINGTON are pretty good for sailing right now.[:-jump2]
Temperatures around 18-22 celcius
Winds quite strong 10-30 knots
Sunshine with some cumulus cloud
Little humidity
In fact PERFECT.[:-pirate]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

Ian, may I hate you?? (joking[:)]


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Now from further up the North Island (NZ)in the Hawkes Bay, its sunning little breeze
22 28deg C Last week we have a 33 deg C day.[:-hot]
Just brought a house here and shifted in last week,been reting for 6 months. The swimming pool has been working hard.

After all it is summer in the " fruit bowl of NZ" a lot of apples peaches pears and of course grapes [:-drunk]

2/20/05 PM

32 degrees Fahrenheit

12 MPH winds from the East


Blizzard! had 1.5 meters snow in front of my house…took me 2 hours to go to my car!..still snowing [:(]


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OK Boys - time for the Auckland report. Blue sky, sunny, some cumulus, about 23 celcius (mid 70s F) and about 10 knots of breeze. Where I sit in my office I’m about 200 yards from the harbour, and (for Cougar’s benefit) about 500 yards from the several IACC boats that are still in Auckland.

Life’s tough. Let me know if you want pictures.[:D]


yes we want pics!!!

from my work place…taken now!

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Last Sunday we sailed at our normal location. We had about ten knots from the north west and it hit 36 C
Got sunburnt and had some good racing.


OK. This photo wasn’t taken today - but it looks just like this outside at the moment.

I’m currently sitting in the partially obscured dark coloured office with white edges, to the right of the Sky Tower, and in front of pinkish mid-rise office block. The former Americas Cup base is just out of shot to the right. Back to work now.


It was about 77 here in South Texas today, and will be back up in the 80’s tomorrow. I guess that was it for Winter… all 6 weeks of it… at least it did freeze once this year for a day.

Looks like another long hot Summer… Oh well… the paint dries faster…[:D]

Back to reality… taken about a week ago and in the middle of a two week “Deep Freeze” of -20F temps during the day with wind! Not a hell of a lot of snow for this time of the year but sure is cold. Still can sail the DN iceboats ( a little slow) but the r/c variety won’t go very fast if at all - too much snow for them.

Normally this time of the year we could have up to a meter of snow too - so I’m not sure if I prefer lots of cold or lots of snow. Come to think of it - Hawaii sounds pretty nice right now. [:-censored] Global warming my @$$ !!


<center>In the back yard.</center>

global what??? well not here anyway!


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mmmmmmmm nice & warm, probably 30C nice conditions, nice clear sky

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands in his pockets & promptly walked away.

Hawaii IS pretty nice as always. I was in Ga. for Xmas below freezing every night. At the regionals IOM Fla. rained all the time. They told me the sun came out. I missed it.

After single digit temps (+ &- F) earlier in the week, we now are into the 20s F but in the midst of a snow storm predicted to dump up to 10" of the white stuff by tomorrow morning. Time to get out the cross country skis, as I guess I won’t be doing any rc iceboating until they get the municipal skating rinks cleared off.[:(][:(][:(]


Bill - it’s heading your way!! Just came in from taking the dog for her nightly walk and we have a good 8 to 11 inches on the ground and still snowing. Bummer.

This will also cause the DN boys to go in search of better ice outside of the snow line. Wasn’t the World Championships this weekend in Madison area - or next weekend?

John in Michigan and Chicago will be next to get it - and then watch out east coast !

Gee, Dick, THANKS ALOT!! [:-jump][:-jump]
I guess the whole upper midwest of the US is getting clobbered.I’ll be firing up the snowblower tomorrow am.

I’m sure the DN Worlds are now snowed out, but from what I hear, they got alot of racing in today, enough to be able to call it a regatta at least. Ron Sherry, Detroit, took the DN Gold (which he’s done before.) Needless to say, it’s a very fickle sport. Some of these guys travelled all the way from Easern Europe for what turns out to be a 2 day regatta.I haven’t been out on my Renegade yet. I guess it’ll be a while yet before I do.[:-cry] Time to get the xc skis waxed up. Or spend some time building in the shop.

It’s a bit cooler here-- two feet of ice on our lake and two feet of snow over that. Temp minus 25 celsius. There are advantages- don’t have to mow the lawn. Nobody with heat stroke. Have time to upgrade my IOM before the open water in May.[:D]


Been a bit windy for sailing where I am, and the waves have been tall and steep. How does 65kts of breeze and 13mtr seas grab you. No, I am not in the Southern Ocean. I am on a floating oil production facility in the North Sea, which is to the east of the UK. Temperature is not as low as in the mid west, +3C, but with damp air the chill factor makes it feel ffffreezzzing.