Howdy from The Woodlands, Texas

Howdy from Texas.

I first got into RC Sailing about 3 years ago when I had to sell my 25’ O’day due to the falling water levels in Lake Conroe due to the lack of rains. I was looking for a new sport where I could continue my quest for competitive racing when I happen upon RC sailing in Tomball Texas. My first RC was a Victoria, followed by 2 more Vics, followed by a Trinity IOM, Lintel IOM, V8 IOM, and finally two Dragon Force RG65’s. Now I’m trying my best to learn how to sail these great models. I’m slowly moving up the standings boards but find it’s no easy task. I’m 70 and hope to be sailing these models for many years to come.

Fred Sheldon

Hi Fred and welcome - sound like you caught the bug - quite a fleet.


Welcome! Sounds like you are off to flying start. I just turned 70 myself, but have a few years head start on you. Been sailing for the past 9 or 10 years. I’ve tried RC flying, RC off road vehicles, and fast electrics (FE’s) I liked them all but found RC sailing to be the best for me. I had a hard time seeing those beautiful aircraft being taken home in a bag.

I have owned a couple dozen different RC sailboats over the years but have distilled my fleet down to an even dozen sailboats and 3 power boats and keep one airplane (just to keep my hand in) Judging by the size of your current fleet, you too have caught the bug! I know you will enjoy this great past time for years to come.