Howdy from central coastal (sunny) California.

Joined the Forum to find out about RC Sailing in general and Footy sailing in particular.
Lots to learn!

Welcome! I am confident you will enjoy this terrific hobby! It brings with it countless benefits. I enjoyed sailing my “footys”, but found do to their small size, they limited my sailing to light wind conditions. Over the years I have aquired a number of boats of different sizes and configurations (12" to 1 Meter) Each brings a different sailing expericence. All fun!

Since building models as a kid, I have always liked scale models, so my tastes in RC boats and planes lean toward those that are more true to scale and detail than those designed strictly for functional sailing. Racing yachts tend to be streamline and free of a lot of unnecessary detailing, where as some boats more oriented to social or more casual sailing go for the details. Had both, but always seem to be attracked to the boats that look as realistic as possible that still sailing well. To each his own or “whatever floats your boat” as they say.
It is all good!

As you get further into the hobby do some reading on the different radios offered. A high quality radio over time can be a good investment in maximizing the experience.
Which make/brand footy do you have? Mine was a Victor 12. Kit buiding is terrific way to learn about these boats as you move forward and worth your consideration. I have enjoyed kits by Victor Models footy and their V 32, a Thunder Tiger Victoria, and personal favorite smaller sized boat and of that group the best all around sailor, the Micro Magic.


Shown below: V 12, V32, Victoria and Micro Magic

Thanks for the welcome. Actually I don’t have a Footy yet but was intrigued with them. I have a Santa Barbara One Design that I got in 1969, but it a display only boat.
I also like the IOM boats. I’ll have to check into what they race close to here (Monterey Peninsula). No sense getting a boat and then having to drive ten hours to race it.
So many boats, so little time…