Howdy all!

Just wanted to introduce myself. I am Russ Gardner from Austin TX, USA. I have been a Victoria skipper for a couple of years and have a Dragonforce in transit as we speak. That’s to be blamed on the TRYC people who contaminated my thinking at the CSMR Region 5 Victoria Regatta this April by bringing out their DF65s. So looking to experience the RG65 class first with DF65 and then later to build a boat or two. IOM people can just stay away as I can’t afford yet another RC addiction. :smiley:


Austin is a great place! Been there a few times over the years. I had a Victoria some years ago and enjoyed our time together. I have been reading about the DF65’s with great interest. They seem to be the hottest thing on the market right now. May just have to invest in another boat. :spin: That’s all I need!
This is a great way to pass time. Since retirement has set in now, RC sailing has taken an important place in my regular activities.
Enjoy your new boat and be sure to post your impressions.

Thanks for the welcome Boomer! I will indeed give my impressions on the DF. I’m anxious to see if today’s mail delivered it. Can a better weekend be in store?