How & what should we design????

What should it be ???
mono hull with canting keel
with or without moving ballast of folis???

Here are the rules:
Class rules

Hull 1.0 No limit on amount of Hulls
1.1 The length of all hull?s shall not exceed 800mm measured between two parallel lines 800mm apart
1.2 There is no restriction on the overall width of the entire boat
1.3 Spare

Underwater appendages 2.0 There is no limit on the number of underwater appendages
2.1 There is no limit on the depth of any underwater appendage

Rig 3.0 The height of the rig shall no exceed 1.55m measured from a straight line at the maxium depth of the hull to the uppermost point of the mast

Sails 4.0 Each boat shall have a maximum of 3 sails on any mast, these sails must be fixed in position and not be able to be removed whilst sailing.
4.1 spare

Extra spars 5.1 A spar or prod may extend 200mm in total from the front of the boat.
5.2 A spar may extend 100mm from the stern of the boat.
5.3 These extra spars cannot in any way add to the water line length of the boat.

Radio gear 6.0 A maximum of two channels only per boat
6.1 Spare

Spirit of the rules 7.1 Anything deemed to be outside the spirt of
The rules will incur a punch in the face and
Exclusion from all yachting and shout for all
Other 800M owners.

Your ideas with considered ans appreciated

Build whatever you like to build, build whatever gives you satisfaction, build what you would like to sail …

Do not give in to what is ‘hot’, ‘essential’ or ‘the biggest thrill you’ll ever sail’ if it’s not your own desire …

Yes, it’s that simple …

Design and sail what you want, ignore ppl like me who like to play with ck’s and multiple hulls if that ain’t your cup of tea. Some of the best boats I have ever sailed are also the simplest. Just have fun!

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

1)For the fastest and easiest to sail with a small “danger factor” a trimaran foiler
2) For the most fun to race:
a) a movable ballast catamaran w/spinnaker
b) a high powered canting keel raceboat w/ spinnaker
3) Anything that sails and some friends to sail with…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

Build something you can race with others or
Build something that gives you personal pleasure.

And Doug, “There you go again!” “Fun” is a very personal choice. Please don’t repeat your claims that the boats you are promoting are “more fun” than anything else!!!

Well if Doug could tell us how to sail a canting keel boat with spinnaker with only TWO channles as per the rules I and i am sure others would be interested.

Fun is personal choice.
For me it is racing a boat that I have designed,built and race against other boats that are designed to the same class restrictions.
Mind you it’s not much fun when the boat has problems, caused by me not checking that everything is working properly.


Didn’t see the 2 channel limit! One and three are still within class rules though…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

Build a big `ol 85 lb J boat and swamp everything on the pond with your wake.

Arrrr mates swamp that damn tri hull[:-pirate]

A schooner would work for me


John, if memory serves the NS 600 didn’t have channel restrictions; do you know why they(who ever they are) went with restrictions on the new boat?

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

Hey John

How is the F100 come along has it hit the water yet. I am well progessed on number two but will slow down as I have to go to the states for the most of June so will get back into it when I get back.

has anyone built a 800m yet.

Cheers Blair

I’ve built two boats almost 800mm; one kFOIL,one CBTF but they both require four channels…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

The infomation is thrid hand plus (via Sweden)

“the 800 programme is in full swing I
>had a count last week and got to 7 or 8 boats being or about to be
>built. Most people are going for tri’s there are a couple of cats being
>talked about.”
The F100 should be in the water 2 - 3 weeks time, just the jib & main setup no gennaker yet. Need to work out how operate 4 channels at once.


Good to hear I have not sailed boat 1 for a couple of months but should get it back in the water. Would be great to see yours out on the water. Boat 2 should not be to far away.

Cheers gappy

Hi JohnB!
From Sweden, very good. Good Design. Well, we have to make basic considerations according to the Numbers by Reynold’s, Froude’s and Weber’s. Is it Burt Reynolds (movie-star)?, or Mark Reynolds (Star-star)?, No. Since our new designs will be very speedy and spray a lot, even the Weber equations must be taken into account.