HOW TO: - software cross-section printing in FREESHIP

Is anyone familiar with, and able to explain the “HOW TO” steps in printing cross-section bulkhead shapes from within FREEShip?

I can rotate, design, calculate, and modify - and I can use the zoom feature to enlarge the front view showing ALL the bulkheads. Unfortunately, I don’t need/want to print all of them and can’t find a way to delete a group to have fewer stations for printing.

If anyone can walk me through the process - or point me to instructions I would be most grateful. It doesn’t appear a tutorial was downloaded with the software so will I need to download again?

Thanks for assistance. Dick

Hi Dick,
you can print the bodyplan by right clicking and select ‘print’, however the best solution is to export the linesplan to DXF and edit with a cad or drawing program like ACAD or COREL
With those programs you can select single bulkheads to printout seperately.


Thanks Siri -

I will give that a try this weekend - besides, it is snowing again !
Makes me want to curl up and fool with computer for a while. Garage is too cold today, and wife has “discussed” (meaning she wants) some new doors for bathroom cupboards. If I go out there, I will have to work on that project, instead of one of my choosing. [wink]